Monday, June 30, 2008

That's it...

The diapers are coming off! We are going to get knock down dragged out serious about this potty training buisness! So starting this morning Ryann is going to be wearing underwear! So far we are off to a good start...but then it's only been about a half hour! As soon as she got up, I took her in to go potty and then we put underwear on and some plastic pants (for some extra insurance). And everytime I take Ryann in (I'm going to take her in every hour) I'm going to have Jaxon sit for a while too. If I'm already going to be potty training I might as well kill two birds with one stone! So keep your fingers crossed, I'm hoping they both catch on quickly! Haha, yeah right! It will be nice though if I can get them both done (not to mention how much money we will save if we only have one kid in diapers instead of 3)! And I told Doug that in another month we can put C.J. on whole milk and save some more money by not having to buy formula! So here we go folks...we are in for a tough haul I think, atleast with Ryann. Jaxon's already been showing some interest in the potty and has gone a few times for me already. So I'm hoping he'll catch on quickly. And maybe having him "train" with her will help motivate her a little bit more!

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