Sunday, June 1, 2008

Meet Spot!

Spot is the name we have given another stray cat in the neighborhood. I think we are going to take him as our own once we move into our own place (just need to talk Doug into it!) He seems to get along pretty well with all the other cats so I think he will get along with the cat we already have, since he gets along with everyone as well. Spot is such a sweet boy, if you sit on the ground he will come right over to you and climb in your lap and just nuzzle you and purr. I think Spot will make a nice addition to the family! The kids already love him as well, and if they sit still and our quiet, he will come up and rub against them as well. Which they of course get a big kick out of. So he's a pretty friendly guy, and I think he is pretty cute as well.

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