Sunday, June 29, 2008


It was another hot one today, up into the 100's. Doug worked alot in the yard again, cutting up the tree's he took down yesterday and he also cut done one of the other one's I wanted out. Now we just need to get all the wood cleared out and the holes filled back in.

The girls had a birthday party to go to today. It was just next door which worked out really nice. Jayde and the oldest little girl next door have really hit it off, which I'm really thankful for. I think we will be seeing a lot of our neighbors! So I took the girls over there this afternoon, while Doug stayed here and hung out with the boys. The girls had a blast and I had to drag them out of there when it was time to leave and I got treated to some tasty vietmanese (sp?) food. They gave me some to take home as well and it is already gone! I think they were pretty impressed that I even tried it all since some of it was a little spicy, but it was all very delicious!

The boys finally got a haircut today, it was long overdue! I think I was in total shock though after I saw how they cut Jaxon's hair. They cut it like Doogie's but they have totally different hair. And with Jaxon's hair being so fine and being such a almost looks like he is bald!LOL! So I will have to go and get him some floppy hats to wear for when he is outside so he doesn't burn! I need to get some for C.J. as well. I found a hat yesterday to put on C.J. since we were outside and it was starting to get a little too small for him, but I was just cracking up at his response to it. He knew there was something on his head but he just couldn't figure out how to get to it.

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