Friday, June 13, 2008

Beautiful Day

Funny how as soon as school got out the weather started getting warmer! The past couple days have been really nice and it is supposed to stay nice all next week. We enjoyed swimming in the pool this afternoon.

Jayde had a birthday party to go to today! She had so much fun, it was a small party with just a few of her friends from school. I had to drag her out the door when it was time to go, but we promised her that we would all get together soon so that the girls could all play with eachother.

Potty training progress?! Hmmm...maybe, we'll have to see. We weren't going to let Ryann go swimming today since earlier she had pooped and pee'd in her pants and her diaper leaked. She didn't tell anyone and ended up getting it every where!? UGH! But she promised us she wouldn't go in the pool, we made her get out half way through and had her go sit on the potty and she did go! When we were all done swimming I was going to put a pull-up back on her and she refused! She didn't want to wear diapers anymore. So I told her if I put real underwear on her she would have to use the potty. She had a little accident, I think she started to go and stopped herself because she was only a little damp. So I had her go in the bathroom and go potty and then change her underwear. She went potty for me and wanted to put real underwear on again. I let her wear it until it was time for bed than had her put a diaper on, with the promise that she could wear her underwear again tomorrow as long as she used the potty. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I asked her if her underwear felt better than her diapers and she said yes. So maybe I should just let her wear the "real thing" again and see if that works...couldn't hurt anyways, just more of a mess to clean up!

House is coming along, our dishwasher and range finally came in yesterday. So Doug spent last night and most of today getting it all installed and working on getting the sinks in. We are going to head back over later tonight and start putting kitchen stuff away. As soon as all the kids finally fall asleep. The past couple nights they have really had a tough time going to bed.

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