Saturday, June 21, 2008

48 Snails...

You might be wondering what 48 snails has to do with anything...but this was how many snails the kids and I found outside after our rain storm! We found them stuck to the sides of the house, in the flowers, etc... We had a bunch of fun collecting them all and then setting them on the fence. We just had to make sure that Jaxon didn't smash them in his excitement! I definitely don't have squimish children! They were pretty ticked off at me when I tore them away from their collection to go and have dinner!

Nothing super exciting to report. We spent most of the day down at the house working on getting boxes unpacked and bedrooms ready to go. We had the three oldest with us and Grammy and Papa kept the two little guys for us. It's starting to get there though and we should hopefully be in our own house by this week. I know everyone is very excited about that.

Anyways, that's about it for us. I still got kids getting up and wandering the would think they would be tired by now and just crash, I know I want too! I got some pictures of the kids with their snails...just need to get them off the camera.

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