Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Coach-Pitch Game

Doogie and Jayde had their last game tonight. It was a good game. They both hit the ball really good and Doogie even got a couple guys out at first. They have both improved so much through out the season. At the end of the game they got a certificate and a medal...they were pretty happy about that.

Was another hot and beautiful day! My brother's girlfriend's son came over and spent the afternoon with us. Doogie thought that was great, since they are in the same grade and have alot of fun with eachother. They all kept pretty busy either playing outside, in their room, playing the Wii or building with legos. Of course both Jayde and Ryann were asking if one of their friends could come over and play and I told the we would have to do it another day.

Anyways, though nothing super exciting to report for the day. Supposed to have another hot one tomorrow, maybe I can get out with the kids and wash the car then. Depends on if the little ones cooperate! Though C.J. does stay pretty content hanging out in the stroller as long as he can see everyone. Right now I'm working on giving the kids their snack and then I'm sending them off to bed. Then I get to put laundry away! Still need to get my pictures off my camera too...maybe I'll do that tomorrow as well!

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