Saturday, June 14, 2008


I hate unpacking...course I hate packing too! Luckily though I didn't have to do too much of the packing, since we had movers do that. I did pack up some of my things that I didn't trust them to handle though. So anyways, we spent most of the day down at the house working on getting things unpacked and put away. We are washing all the dishes first before putting them away so that makes it take a bit longer. But it will be one less thing we'll have to do later! We are starting to see some of the floor again! I'm looking forward to when it is just done and we can just enjoy our new house!

A big sign that you child is starting to grow up is when you start getting phone calls for her from her friends! All ready with the end of school she's had a couple friends call and leave messages for her...of course I am talking about Jayde! She is Miss Popularity...she seems to make new friends with ease. Of course with us not actually living in the house right now, we end up missing some of the calls. Doug was saying that we are probably going to have to get Jayde her own phone line she gets so many calls! Doogie usually makes friends pretty easily too, they are all pretty outgoing. I know when we lived in TN and especially in NJ it seemed wherever we went where there were a bunch of kids they always knew Doogie! This year though he got off on a bad foot at school and hung out with some boys that weren't really nice and so he got a bad rap as well. Towards the end of the school year though he got his act together and started hanging out with a better group of kids and I think he started to enjoy school again. He told me today that he misses school, especially his friends and his teacher Mrs. Moore...he said that she is the best! So of course than all the three oldest kids had to get in a discussion about how much they miss their teachers and how wonderful they were (which they are!) But it was funny to listen to them talk.

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