Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The school called...

Ah, the apprehension a parent feels when they hear the phone ring and see that the caller id says it is the school calling! So when this happened this morning I was bracing myself. Last year we had gotten some calls from the school a few were from the school nurse because one of the kids had gotten hurt and some were because Doogie had gotten in trouble. Doogie has been doing pretty well this year with keeping his hands to himself (it's not like he is purposely trying to hurt other kids, he just gets over excited and has a hard time not grabbing on to people). So I was waiting to hear that it was about Doogie, luckily it wasn't. This time it was about Jayde, but she wasn't getting in trouble (Jayde is usually a sweet little angel at school...I wish she would be that way at home too!) No, this time it was the school nurse. She had fallen off one of the toys at school and had hit her head. She has a bit of a bump, but she told the nurse that she felt fine and was returned to class with an ice pack. The nurse just wanted to call and let me know what had happened and to tell me that she was sending home a paper that would tell us what to look out for with head injuries. I think I probably have that paper memorized by now having 5 kids and all! But anyways, she is fine and we'll probably talk my ear off about it when I pick her up this afternoon.

Here's a little funny to make you all laugh. Yesterday evening after we had dinner we took the kids over to the park next to our house. The kids were having fun running around and playing soccer and also swinging (the rest of the playground had gotten burned down the 4th of July...they think some kids were setting off fireworks and caught it on fire and they haven't gotten around to rebuilding it yet, but I hope they do!) There was a soccer practice going on, so I took the two little guys to swing on the swings. I noticed a man walking towards me with three kids (pretty close in age with mine) and he smiled at me and said "Don't see to many big families around here that often" I laughed, then he said "I have eight kids!" I told him "well you got us beat!" He than said "well your kids are young enough, you might catch up!" And I just laughed and laughed! 'Course his oldest kids are in college, so he's are a bit more spaced out than mine are!

Okay, here's one more...some of you might not think it's funny though I on the other hand got a chuckle out of it and we still tease him about it off and on. Doug was getting the boys showered one evening and I went to help get one of the little guys out and get him ready for bed when Doug said "Doogie, tell your mom what you told me". Doogie was pretty hesitant and didn't want to tell me so Doug prompted him with "don't worry you aren't going to get in trouble for it". Which of course perked my interest right up! So he finally told me, that one night he came in to use the bathroom but Jayde was already in there going potty herself. So instead of waiting for her to be done he decided that he would just go ahead and use the litter box (the litter boxes are in the downstairs bathroom)! I scoop the litter boxes everyday (well I try to, sometimes it's more like every other day) and I can say that I didn't notice a larger lump than normal and I'm just thankful that he atleast got it in the litter box and not all over my walls and floor! So I just told him that next time he should probably just wait for his sister to be done or come upstairs and use one of the two bathrooms up there! And when he is older and bringing home his girlfriends I will be sure to embarass him with this story! Hahaha (my evil laugh).

Monday, September 29, 2008

I've been a bad blogger...

Sorry guys, I have been really bad about keeping everyone posted. Things, as always have been a bit hectic and I don't have many opportunities to write without something coming up! So I will try to bring everyone up to date.

Jaxon is doing just fine now. We finished up his steriods and his breathing treatments on Saturday. He is back to his normal onry self (in fact he was pretty much back to his onry self while in the hospital! It's amazing how fast he recovered once they started giving him meds and breathing treatments!) I still need to call the doctor's office and get him in for someday this week and get rechecked. But basically I think it is more of a wait and see type of thing. He might only have to use an inhaler when he is sick and hopefully won't develop asthma later on.

On Saturday we had our walk to find a cure for Diabetes. They had a really good turn out and I just wanted to thank everyone who donated their time and money for this great cause. We all had a lot of fun walking though we didn't go the whole 6 miles, we only made it for 3 (6 is kind of alot for a 4 year old!) She did really well though and pretty much walked (or ran) the whole 3 miles with only a couple rest stops in the stroller...that is pretty darn good for a 4 year old, I know kids older than that who couldn't even walk a mile much less three! Next year we will be better prepared and not know just a week in advanced! That way we can do a better job at fundraising and getting more walkers for Team Ryann! Oh and I didn't get any pictures of the walk (I could just kick myself for that) I meant to take my camera and take pictures of the event, but we were rushing out the door since we were running late and I forgot to grab it!

Hmmm....I'm trying to think if there is anything else super exciting that has happened, but I just can't think of any. So I will leave you to enjoy all of these pictures that I have taken in the past week or so! And don't you just love the pictures of Jaxon as the fairy (just don't tell his Daddy!) I love the fact that his face is all dirty too (he had been playing in the dirt while I was taking Ryann's pictures and than he wanted to try the wings on too. Ryann was calling him the fairy prince! Lately Jaxon has been the easiest kid to photograph (he's been such a ham!).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Etsy Giveaway!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We flew the coop...

Jaxon is now known as "the wild Boy" on the peds floor! Poor guy was just so bored and was bouncing off the walls wanting to get out so bad! He was pretty happy when they finally sprung us around 10:30 or so. Then we of course had to wait another half hour or so at the pharmacy to get all of his meds (and some diabetes stuff for Ryann that we were running out off). He's been a bit grouchy today (and yesterday too). But you know, who can really blame him I don't like being stuck in a hospital either! It was a new experience for me...usually I'm the one who stays in the hospital with the kids. But this time it was Doug who stayed since CJ goes to bed the best for me and he doesn't know how to do the girls hair and they had school! So anyways, we got home fed him some lunch, took a shower and than went to go pick up his sister and brother from Grandma's. He played there for a while until Mr. Grouchy Boy hit again and I knew he needed to get home and get a nap. We put Blue's Clues on and he crashed, poor guy has been through alot the past couple days. He has to stay on steriods (gets them twice a day) for 4 more days and he has his inhaler that he gets every 4 hours for 4 days and than after that we just use his inhaler as needed and we will follow up with our own doctor sometime next week and see what he wants us to do.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jaxon Update

Thank you to everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers and for everyones support and help. Jaxon is doing great! He really bounced back fast with all the treatments. They are leaning towards it being more asthma/bronchitis instead of croup and have been treating him with an inhaler. He's still a bit wheezy but doing fine. He was getting pretty darn onry this afternoon and was pretty tired of being stuck in the hospital and wanted to go home (though who can blame him). They probably would of let us go home this evening if we had pushed it. But of course they say if things are going to get bad it is usually at night, so we felt more comfortable with staying another night just to be on the safe side and as long as all goes well he should be home tomorrow morning sometime. Doug is staying the night with him again and once I get the kids off to school tomorrow will head for the hospital and hopefully be bringing them home! He will then have to have his inhaler treatments every 4 hours (except if he is asleep, the doc didn't believe in waking kids up if they didn't need to!) for 5 days and we will also follow up with our regular doctor.

Just wanted to also say that just because they think it is asthma related doesn't neccesarily mean that he will have asthma. It could just be he has these symptoms when he is sick and what not, though he will be more at risk for developing asthma later on and than again he could be perfectly fine. This also more than likely steams from the fact that he had bronchlioitis when he was 4-7 weeks old and had to be hospitalized for that for a few days. He said that because of that he was just more succeptible to this happening.

So anyways, I am headed to bed! I'm exhausted from racing back and forth all day getting kids to and from school and also being with Jaxon at the hospital. Poor Jaxon was pretty upset when I left tonight since he really wanted to go home too. But hopefully we can start getting ourselves back together tomorrow and get back on some sort of schedule (not to mention my house looks like a hurricane hit it!) And we also have Ryann's Diabetes walk this weekend to do (a big thanks to those who have already donated and those who plan on donating, we really do appreciate your support in this and I know Ryann does too!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back in the ER again...

Sung to "Back in the saddle again"... Seriously though it was a little scary especially after one of the nurses told us what could of happened.

Poor Jaxon caught my cold, except he had to take it a step further than me! Last night he was up just coughing his little head off and was really croupy sounding. So we were up alot last night with him, sitting in the bathroom with the shower running, etc...just trying to open up his airways a bit. Than today he was just really lethargic and his breathing was really shallow. I was really starting to get worried about his breathing since it looked like something the doctor had described to me one time when CJ was sick, he was having retraction. So around dinner time we finally decided that this wasn't getting any better and we definitely didn't want to deal with this over night. So Grammy came over and watched the kids for us (a huge thanks to her!) and we headed over to the ER where they got us in really quickly (I don't think we've ever been moved in that fast before!) He was immediately given breathing treatments, they put an IV in, they took x-rays and they started him on an antibiotic. Then they informed us that they would be admitting us. Basically they say that we can't go home until he can go without oxygen for a whole day and the peds doctor said that if he was a betting man that we probably wouldn't be going home for around 4 days!

Now the thing that was really scary (not that it isn't anyways...) but the nurse told us that kids are alot different than adults and that they will work really hard to breathe and than all of sudden they will just stop with no warning and pretty much crash. And she said usually when that happens it is really hard to get them to come back. So if we hadn't taken him to the ER when we did we could of lost him. And that is a feeling that I can not describe to you, nor do I ever want to have happen. So when we brought him in he was barely pushing any air around in his lungs and he was working so hard to do even that much. By the time they got us up to a room he was doing alot better, but is still having to work. One of the drugs they gave him really hyped him up and he was starting to get more active and talkative. He was really cracking us up, he was watching the IV monitor and it had words going across the screen, they would dissapear for a while and than come back on. Every time they dissapeared he would say (through his oxygen mask) "where did it go?" than when it would come back on again he would say "there it is!" He just sounded so cute in that little (and hoarse) voice. And the fact that he was even talking just showed how much better he felt. Before he could barely say one word with out gasping for breath.

So, Doug is staying with him tonight (I finally got home around 10). And than remembered that there is school tomorrow. So I've been rushing around all evening getting lunches made and clothes laid out and what not. Then tomorrow after I get all the kids dropped off at school and drop the baby off with one of the grandparents I will head over to the hospital and relieve him. Then we'll just have to go from there. So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and pray that he will recover quickly so that we can bring him home.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ryann's 4 year pictures, finally....

Sorry folks, meant to post these earlier but things have been a bit chaotic (wait a second...things are always chaotic over here!) These are some of the ones that I think turned out the best, she was being such a wiggle worm that it was hard to get a good picture. Once again all I did was make the colors pop a bit more and nothing else. Photoshop is on my wish list! So I will probably be doing another shoot with Ryann as well. And I still need to do Doogie, maybe I can get him in for a haircut tomorrow, so that the next time I have a free moment to do his pictures I can grab it! Anyways, enjoy the pictures and I will try to write a bigger update later. I am heading to bed, still trying to get over this nasty cold!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Walking for Diabetes, walking for a cure...

Doug and I found out about this walk just a little while ago. We thought it would be a great way to show our support for Ryann and to also help to find a cure for Diabetes. Ryann's brother's and sister are very excited about helping and supporting Ryann in this and we hope that you will too. We thought this would be a wonderful way for our family and friends to help and show their support. So even if you are unable to walk with us, just know that we appreciate all that you do.


I have a cold...

Why? Why can't we just stay healthy for even just a little while?! As of now the kids seem to be fine (CJ's been a bit grouchy the past couple days...so we'll have to keep an eye on him). So I am hoping that I get over this crud quickly, because frankly I am so tired of being sick and I don't have time for it! It's hard enough to get my house clean and do all the other day to day things that need to get done between dropping and picking kids up from school and then chasing them around the house. Not to mention that CJ climbs on everything so every time I turn around to do something he is pulling something out to climb on, so he makes life interesting.

So lets see what else has been going on... Jaxon had an awesome day at school yesterday! He had no problem at all with me leaving him, I told him that I had to go and that he was going to stay here and play with all of his friends and that I would be back later to pick him up. He said "okay" and gave me a hug and kiss goodbye. When I went to pick him up he didn't seem me for a while and he was just standing there watching all the other kids greet their parents, he looked a little lost but when I finally was able to get his attention (his teacher helped) he was so happy to see me and gave me a big hug. Jaxon gets done before Ryann does and the parents are supposed to be there by 11:05 and waiting on the red carpet for the kids to come in (they are in one of the other rooms doing an activity) and once the kids all find their parents we all sit together and listen to the teacher read a story. All the preschool classes end with a story, but the 2/3 class is the only one where the parents are expected to be there for it! But they both seem to be really enjoying preschool so it makes it alot easier to drop them off that way! It must be birthday month in Ryann's class...it seems like they are celebrating someone's birthday almost everyday! The parents have been really good about asking me if it is okay for Ryann to have a certain treat (and I always say yes, since we don't want her to feel like she is being left out of things...I figure I can always give her extra insulin at lunch to cover her if she is high). In fact on Monday one of the mom's made jello jigglers for the birthday treat (she had asked me last week if it was okay for Ryann to have) and she made Ryann a very special one just for her (sugar-free) so I thought that was really nice and it's great how thoughtful people are.

Doogie and Jayde seem to be enjoying school in their new school this year as well. Though Doogie did come home a bit upset yesterday, something had happened in music class and he wasn't very happy with some of the kids in his group. But for the most part it's been going really well. In fact Jayde has a playdate with one of the little boys in her class this weekend (the other kids are invited to come too). They basically live across the street from us in the apartment building. So they should have a fun time and it's nice to find friends for them to play with that are close by.

Well I better get going, Doug will be home soon to take Ryann to Spokane for her doctor's appointment and I need to get some stuff put together to keep her entertained in the car. Oh and I did do a photo shoot of Ryann this week for her 4 year pictures (finally). Didn't get as many pictures as I would of liked she was being such a wiggle worm. So I will probably do another photo shoot of her as well (like I still need to do for CJ...and Doogie). But I will post some of the ones that turned out pretty decent later (maybe today if your lucky!) I need to work on getting some of Doogie soon too, but I'm waiting on him to get a haircut first and for some reason it just never seems to get fit into our schedule.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Calvin's one year pictures....

Okay, I know he is now almost 14 months...but who's counting!? And come to think of it I still need to do Ryann's 4 year pictures and Doogie's 8! Guess I better get moving on that! So I tried to have a bit of a photo shoot with CJ today...it's so much easier when they couldn't really move around yet! It was interesting trying to get him to stay still long enough for me to get a shot (so out came the props)! So I will probably be doing another shoot of him soon. So here are some of the ones I caught of him today... Now keep in mind that I don't have a very good photo editing software yet, I basically just made the colors pop a bit more but did nothing else.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of Preschool...

Okay, it was really Ryann's second but since she missed the first day of school we'll call it her first day too! I felt really bad when on Monday while we were walking home from picking up Doogie and Jayde from school one of the mom's asked me if Ryann was okay (her son is in Doogie's class and her daughter is in Ryann's class) I said that she was and she said since she didn't see Ryann at school today she was worried that something was wrong (so the bad mother of the year now goes to me for forgetting my daughters first day of school). In a way though it worked out well that she didn't go on Monday, her blood sugar is still acting a bit funny and we also had CJ's doctor appointment that morning. So today they both went to school, it was my helping day in Jaxon's class so I stayed with him. He did pretty good, it was probably a good thing I was working that day because though he was going off and playing without me he would still check occasionally to make sure I was still around. So we'll see how he does next Wednesday when I drop him off and leave. For the most part he was a pretty happy go lucky guy (except when it was time to put away the toys at the end of the day and he did not want to get off of his riding toy...boy did he get mad at me for making him put it away!) Ryann of course did just great, she's a veteran now and knows the drill and most of the kids in her class are from last year so she knows most of them already. Jaxon's class gets done about 15 minutes before hers does so we hanged out in his room for a bit and read books before we headed over to Ryann's classroom. Afterwards we went over to Ryann's old classroom and said "Hi" to her teacher from last year (Jaxon just absolutely loves her as well...I hope he gets to have her as a teacher!) So their first day of Preschool went really well and I hope Jaxon does okay next week when I'm not working in his class!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back from the doctor's

We took CJ in this morning for a follow-up from our exciting day last Thursday. He's still been a bit cranky and has been wanting me to hold him 24/7. His appetite still isn't back up to where it was but he doesn't seem to be losing any (if much) weight...he weighed in at a whopping 28lbs 13 oz. He had a bit of a rash on his torso and back, which "Dr. I" said was typical of a viral infection and he has a bit of a sore throat but no spots! His temp has been staying normal, which is good. So we'll just have to keep an eye on him whenever he starts acting sick and start treating him immediately because you never know when that fever will all of a sudden spike (which is what causes the siezures). So anyways, I think he is starting to be on the mend...though I'm sure someone else will probably be sick next week! HaHa

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Etsy Giveaway Round 3 Vintage Circus Tooth Fairy Pillow

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Will the excitement ever end???

The good news is that CJ's fever seems to be staying down now. The bad news is that both Ryann and CJ have been throwing up this morning and having some diarhea as well. UGH, I really need a vacation! So far Ryann's blood sugar seems to be doing okay, it's been a bit on the high side but we would much rather have it be a high than low (high is easy to fix...just give her some insulin). Besides them throwing up (and other tummy problems) they seem to be feeling okay and CJ has been more active today than he has been. We're wondering if they picked up this new bug while we were at the hospital or if Doogie and Jayde brought something home from school.

So anyways, instead of me heading over to the animal control this afternoon with my mother-in-law (I'm going to be there official photographer and take pictures of all the animals and post them on craigslist or petfinder so that people can see what animals are available and hopefully get them adopted out faster) I'll be staying home and cleaning up after sick kids (Doug doesn't do well with puke and other tummy stuff). I also need to try and clean and disenfect my house and get rid of all of these sick germs. Not to mention my laundry pile is starting to look like Mt. Everest (both the clean and dirty pile) so I better get going on that otherwise we'll all be running around the house naked...and while my children might like doing that, I think I would scare people (heck, I scare myself!) So as you can see we have another fun day ahead of us...there never seems to be a dull moment in the Crowe house!

Oh and I forgot to post and tell everyone how Jaxon and Ryann's preschool orientation went on Wednesday. Ryann of course did just fine, most of the kids in her class were from her class from last year so she pretty much knew everyone. Jaxon did great! I thought he might get upset when I left the room to go to the parent meeting, but he was perfectly fine with it and was checking out all the toys...and it probably helped that Ryann's teacher from last year was in there helping and he knows her. So this Wednesday will be there first official day back and I get to stay and work in Jaxon's class (hopefully everyone will be feeling better by than)!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Here's the rest of the story....

Ah, I see Doug has been having some fun on the blog. So I figured I better get on and post and add a little bit more detail to my fun and exciting day yesterday.

Hmmm...Wednesday afternoon I noticed that CJ was running a fever. He really didn't have any other symptoms at the time (maybe a snotty nose) so I gave him some tylenol and something to clear up his nose and that seemed to help. The next day he was still running a fever, so I again treated it with tylenol. He hadn't been eating as much as usual and he was really restless even when I was able to get him to fall asleep so he wouldn't sleep for very long. When I finally got him to go to sleep yesterday afternoon it was close to the time that I needed to go and pick up the kids from school, so I got a hold of Doug to see if he could do it for me...which he could (pretty handy having his work just down the road from home). So he came home to pick up the suburban and then after dropping Doogie and Jayde off from school just took the suburban to work instead of switching back to his truck. Not long after, I was trying to get a few things done (with CJ being sick he wasn't letting me out of his sight and wanted to be held constantly so my house was getting pretty dirty!) CJ was upset with me that I wasn't holding him so he threw himself down on the floor and hit his head (he's been doing that alot lately whenever he gets mad or doesn't get what he wants, etc...) I went to go pick him up since he was crying, but right when I went to pick him up his crying stopped and his body just started to shake and he was making funny noises. Let me tell you it really scared the crap out of me. I picked him up quickly and started to talk with him, my brain was trying to wrap around the fact that he was actually having a siezure. I grabbed the phone off the counter and tried to call Doug at work, but when he didn't answer right away I knew I needed to call 911. That was the first time I've ever had to call 911 and I hope it is the last. I can't say enough how grateful I was to hear that voice on the other line (they really should be making more money than they do!) I was doing my best to hold it together but I was hanging on by a thread and I would of probably lost it if it wasn't for the wonderful lady whose voice was talking me through it all.

CJ's siezure lasted for about 2 minutes (not the 30-45 seconds that Doug wrote) and it was probably the longest 2 minutes of my life. I sat and held him talking to him and to the 911 operator. She was asking me questions, such as has he been sick, running a fever, etc... which was a yes. She told me to make sure that he couldn't hit his head or get hurt on anything while he was having his siezure and if I could to start removing his clothing so that we could start to cool him down. Through all of this, the girls were downstairs playing, Jaxon was outside with Balder (our dog) and Doogie was in the room with me watching one of his favorite cartoons and was totally oblivious to what was going on! In fact when the paramedics arrived I told Doogie to go and open the baby gate for them and he was really surprised to see them! Talk about being focused on something, eh?! The paramedics looked him over asked me some questions and told me that they thought it would be best if they took him to the hospital. They asked if I wanted to ride along or meet them there, and since I had my other 4 kids at home with me I knew I would have to hand him over to their care and meet them there. I had to do the second most difficult thing in my life that day (the first being watching my baby have a siezure and not being able to do anything but hold him and watch) I had to hand CJ to one of the paramedics who then carried him out of the house, put him in the ambulance (strapped him to a back board) and then take him to the hospital. I then tried to call Doug again at work but he wasn't answering his phone so I had to page him. Now Doug has told me that if I really need to get a hold of him and have him call me back right away I need to put 911 down in the page. He called back not to long after, I was still trying to hold it all together and told him that he needed to come home now. He of course asked me why, to which I replied that CJ fell down hit his head and had a siezure and that the ambulance came and took him to the hospital and we have to meet them there. He only caught CJ hurt, ambulance and need to go to the hospital! He than quickly told me goodbye and while I was waiting for him to get home I got the kids ready to go. On the way to the hospital Doug called his parents and they said they would meet us there and take the kids back home for us (a great huge thanks to them for that!!)

When we got to the hospital we checked in and a person showed us back to where they had CJ, as we got closer to his room I could hear him crying. When we walked in the nurses were checking his temp and vitals (his temp was 104). I quickly went to his side and started talking to him to let him know that I was there for him. Not long after we arrived did the doctor on call come into the room to talk to us. He told me that this was actually a pretty common occurence and since it has only happened once and he has been having a high fever that it was a febrile siezure. He even stopped the nurses from putting an IV in him (which they had been getting ready to do right before he walked in), he said he didn't want to have to poke him needlessly. So the plan was to get his fever to come down, observe him and make sure he was acting more normally and then letting us go home. So the nurse came in and gave him some motrin and tylenol to bring his fever down and we then (Doug and I) took turns just walking with him. Poor little guy was just exhausted and Doug was finally able to get him to go to sleep. About an hour later the nurse came back in to check his temp and it was down to 100.4 which was good (he even slept through getting his temp taken) when he woke up we could tell that his fever had broken (not only because he felt alot cooler but because the sheets on the bed where he was lying down were drenched in sweat). And he was starting to act more normally (before he was still shaky and not really focusing on things well) once he woke up he was looking around and starting to talk a bit. The nurse came back in and took a look at him and then went to report back to the doc, who than said that we could go home. So around 3 hours or so after this whole ordeal happened we were finally back home just in time for the bedtime craziness (and of course there was school the next day!)

So anyways, today he is still running a fever off and on. We have been dosing him with motrin every 4-6 hours or so, trying to keep that fever down to a safe zone. They told us that some children are more succeptible (sp?) to having a siezure when there temp is high than others and I guess CJ is one of them. So now that he has had a siezure his risk for having another one when he is running a fever is higher. So we have to make sure that whenever he starts running a fever that we treat it right away so that it doesn't get to high. The good news is that they do eventually out grow this by age 6...but that is still 5 years away.

So now you know the rest of the story...

Palin, McCain, Daddy and Doogie

Rachael to the Rescue

(Written by Doug)

Rachael always complains about the lack of excitement and 'action' in her life.. But that all changed yesterday.. I was paged ( I cannot have cell phones in the area I work, so everyone carries good ole' 1990 tech pagers) by Rachael to come home and pickup the kids from school, CJ was not feeling well and he was sleeping, so she wanted me to get the kids. I came home to get the Suburban and then headed out to get the kids. After picking them up (Doogie and Jayde), I dropped them off at the house and took the Suburban to work for the rest of the day. I get back to the office and start doing a little work and get another page from Rachael, this time it had a 911 on the end of it. I thought crap, she wants to go get some scrapbook supplies and needs the Suburban.. So I called and boy was I wrong. Rachael voice was shaking.. 'I need you to come home'... Like any guy, I was thinking the spider is not that big or something alone those lines (or maybe I was hoping that..).. So I asked why... Well, apparently, CJ was mad, so he falls over on the wood floor and then starts having seizures for about the next 30-45 seconds.. Rachael tried to call me but then hung up and called 911. When I got home, I thought we would take CJ to the ER not that the EMT's already did... The little guy appear to be okay, no worse for the wear. I guess its somewhat common for kids with high fevers to have some Febrile Seizures (so like the whole diabetes stuff, we wore out the internet doing research)... So he's still a little hot today, but we are giving him some Motrin to keep the fever down and had wrapped him in bubble wrap...

Back the the EMTs, those of you who know Rachael, are as amazed as I am that she let one of her (our) kids go with an EMT to the emergency room. Rachael did a heck of a job keeping her composure during the whole event.. I can't wait to get the 911 tape and hear the whole story...

I'm sure Rachael will write more later, but I think she is (rightly so) a little 'stressed' over the whole incident.. Thanks go out to my parents who came down to get the kids from the ER and take them back to the house...

Funny comment of the day... As we are leaving, the nurse tries to tell us how to get out of the ER... I looked at her and in a calm and polite voice... "We've been here before..."

** Rachael most likely does not approve this message!! **

-------------->>>>>>> VOTE PALIN <<<<<<<<<---------------

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September already?!

This year has really been flying past! Doogie and Jayde seem to be enjoying school and Doogie even told me on Friday when I picked him up that he really liked his new school. He has been making really good choices so far at school (making friends with the "good" kids and not kids who are going to get him in trouble). He already knew a couple of the boys in his class this year because he played coach pitch with them. It's been strange watching Jayde, last year when I would drop her off or pick her up she would just be surrounded by all of her friends, but so far she seems to be a little shy around the kids in her class...not too shy (because I really don't think Jayde has a shy bone in her body!) but she has been more quiet than usual. I'm sure that will change when she gets more comfortable and starts meeting more kids. Right now she just talks about Victoria (our neighbor) who she plays with at recess and lunch. I'm glad to have them back in school because it means that I can get some stuff done...but I do miss them too.

Jaxon and Ryann have their preschool orientation tomorrow so they will get to meet their new teachers and see who is in their class this year. Then they will start up next week, Jaxon will be going one day a week and Ryann will be going three. It will be really strange just having C.J. one morning a week!

The kids had a fun weekend, Aunt Jenni came to visit. So Doug took her out on the boat with the three oldest while Jaxon, C.J. and I walked on the walking path around the river. I walked for over two miles before C.J. told me he was done being in the stroller! Than I let them run in the grass and play for a while until Doug was done boating. I got some great pictures of Jaxon, he was being such a ham. C.J. on the other hand was being a bit of a stinker!

The girls were pretty happy on Saturday since Aunt Jenni did their hair, so I of course had to take them outside and get some pictures of their new doo's!