Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September already?!

This year has really been flying past! Doogie and Jayde seem to be enjoying school and Doogie even told me on Friday when I picked him up that he really liked his new school. He has been making really good choices so far at school (making friends with the "good" kids and not kids who are going to get him in trouble). He already knew a couple of the boys in his class this year because he played coach pitch with them. It's been strange watching Jayde, last year when I would drop her off or pick her up she would just be surrounded by all of her friends, but so far she seems to be a little shy around the kids in her class...not too shy (because I really don't think Jayde has a shy bone in her body!) but she has been more quiet than usual. I'm sure that will change when she gets more comfortable and starts meeting more kids. Right now she just talks about Victoria (our neighbor) who she plays with at recess and lunch. I'm glad to have them back in school because it means that I can get some stuff done...but I do miss them too.

Jaxon and Ryann have their preschool orientation tomorrow so they will get to meet their new teachers and see who is in their class this year. Then they will start up next week, Jaxon will be going one day a week and Ryann will be going three. It will be really strange just having C.J. one morning a week!

The kids had a fun weekend, Aunt Jenni came to visit. So Doug took her out on the boat with the three oldest while Jaxon, C.J. and I walked on the walking path around the river. I walked for over two miles before C.J. told me he was done being in the stroller! Than I let them run in the grass and play for a while until Doug was done boating. I got some great pictures of Jaxon, he was being such a ham. C.J. on the other hand was being a bit of a stinker!

The girls were pretty happy on Saturday since Aunt Jenni did their hair, so I of course had to take them outside and get some pictures of their new doo's!

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