Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of Preschool...

Okay, it was really Ryann's second but since she missed the first day of school we'll call it her first day too! I felt really bad when on Monday while we were walking home from picking up Doogie and Jayde from school one of the mom's asked me if Ryann was okay (her son is in Doogie's class and her daughter is in Ryann's class) I said that she was and she said since she didn't see Ryann at school today she was worried that something was wrong (so the bad mother of the year now goes to me for forgetting my daughters first day of school). In a way though it worked out well that she didn't go on Monday, her blood sugar is still acting a bit funny and we also had CJ's doctor appointment that morning. So today they both went to school, it was my helping day in Jaxon's class so I stayed with him. He did pretty good, it was probably a good thing I was working that day because though he was going off and playing without me he would still check occasionally to make sure I was still around. So we'll see how he does next Wednesday when I drop him off and leave. For the most part he was a pretty happy go lucky guy (except when it was time to put away the toys at the end of the day and he did not want to get off of his riding toy...boy did he get mad at me for making him put it away!) Ryann of course did just great, she's a veteran now and knows the drill and most of the kids in her class are from last year so she knows most of them already. Jaxon's class gets done about 15 minutes before hers does so we hanged out in his room for a bit and read books before we headed over to Ryann's classroom. Afterwards we went over to Ryann's old classroom and said "Hi" to her teacher from last year (Jaxon just absolutely loves her as well...I hope he gets to have her as a teacher!) So their first day of Preschool went really well and I hope Jaxon does okay next week when I'm not working in his class!!

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