Saturday, September 6, 2008

Will the excitement ever end???

The good news is that CJ's fever seems to be staying down now. The bad news is that both Ryann and CJ have been throwing up this morning and having some diarhea as well. UGH, I really need a vacation! So far Ryann's blood sugar seems to be doing okay, it's been a bit on the high side but we would much rather have it be a high than low (high is easy to fix...just give her some insulin). Besides them throwing up (and other tummy problems) they seem to be feeling okay and CJ has been more active today than he has been. We're wondering if they picked up this new bug while we were at the hospital or if Doogie and Jayde brought something home from school.

So anyways, instead of me heading over to the animal control this afternoon with my mother-in-law (I'm going to be there official photographer and take pictures of all the animals and post them on craigslist or petfinder so that people can see what animals are available and hopefully get them adopted out faster) I'll be staying home and cleaning up after sick kids (Doug doesn't do well with puke and other tummy stuff). I also need to try and clean and disenfect my house and get rid of all of these sick germs. Not to mention my laundry pile is starting to look like Mt. Everest (both the clean and dirty pile) so I better get going on that otherwise we'll all be running around the house naked...and while my children might like doing that, I think I would scare people (heck, I scare myself!) So as you can see we have another fun day ahead of us...there never seems to be a dull moment in the Crowe house!

Oh and I forgot to post and tell everyone how Jaxon and Ryann's preschool orientation went on Wednesday. Ryann of course did just fine, most of the kids in her class were from her class from last year so she pretty much knew everyone. Jaxon did great! I thought he might get upset when I left the room to go to the parent meeting, but he was perfectly fine with it and was checking out all the toys...and it probably helped that Ryann's teacher from last year was in there helping and he knows her. So this Wednesday will be there first official day back and I get to stay and work in Jaxon's class (hopefully everyone will be feeling better by than)!

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