Friday, September 5, 2008

Here's the rest of the story....

Ah, I see Doug has been having some fun on the blog. So I figured I better get on and post and add a little bit more detail to my fun and exciting day yesterday.

Hmmm...Wednesday afternoon I noticed that CJ was running a fever. He really didn't have any other symptoms at the time (maybe a snotty nose) so I gave him some tylenol and something to clear up his nose and that seemed to help. The next day he was still running a fever, so I again treated it with tylenol. He hadn't been eating as much as usual and he was really restless even when I was able to get him to fall asleep so he wouldn't sleep for very long. When I finally got him to go to sleep yesterday afternoon it was close to the time that I needed to go and pick up the kids from school, so I got a hold of Doug to see if he could do it for me...which he could (pretty handy having his work just down the road from home). So he came home to pick up the suburban and then after dropping Doogie and Jayde off from school just took the suburban to work instead of switching back to his truck. Not long after, I was trying to get a few things done (with CJ being sick he wasn't letting me out of his sight and wanted to be held constantly so my house was getting pretty dirty!) CJ was upset with me that I wasn't holding him so he threw himself down on the floor and hit his head (he's been doing that alot lately whenever he gets mad or doesn't get what he wants, etc...) I went to go pick him up since he was crying, but right when I went to pick him up his crying stopped and his body just started to shake and he was making funny noises. Let me tell you it really scared the crap out of me. I picked him up quickly and started to talk with him, my brain was trying to wrap around the fact that he was actually having a siezure. I grabbed the phone off the counter and tried to call Doug at work, but when he didn't answer right away I knew I needed to call 911. That was the first time I've ever had to call 911 and I hope it is the last. I can't say enough how grateful I was to hear that voice on the other line (they really should be making more money than they do!) I was doing my best to hold it together but I was hanging on by a thread and I would of probably lost it if it wasn't for the wonderful lady whose voice was talking me through it all.

CJ's siezure lasted for about 2 minutes (not the 30-45 seconds that Doug wrote) and it was probably the longest 2 minutes of my life. I sat and held him talking to him and to the 911 operator. She was asking me questions, such as has he been sick, running a fever, etc... which was a yes. She told me to make sure that he couldn't hit his head or get hurt on anything while he was having his siezure and if I could to start removing his clothing so that we could start to cool him down. Through all of this, the girls were downstairs playing, Jaxon was outside with Balder (our dog) and Doogie was in the room with me watching one of his favorite cartoons and was totally oblivious to what was going on! In fact when the paramedics arrived I told Doogie to go and open the baby gate for them and he was really surprised to see them! Talk about being focused on something, eh?! The paramedics looked him over asked me some questions and told me that they thought it would be best if they took him to the hospital. They asked if I wanted to ride along or meet them there, and since I had my other 4 kids at home with me I knew I would have to hand him over to their care and meet them there. I had to do the second most difficult thing in my life that day (the first being watching my baby have a siezure and not being able to do anything but hold him and watch) I had to hand CJ to one of the paramedics who then carried him out of the house, put him in the ambulance (strapped him to a back board) and then take him to the hospital. I then tried to call Doug again at work but he wasn't answering his phone so I had to page him. Now Doug has told me that if I really need to get a hold of him and have him call me back right away I need to put 911 down in the page. He called back not to long after, I was still trying to hold it all together and told him that he needed to come home now. He of course asked me why, to which I replied that CJ fell down hit his head and had a siezure and that the ambulance came and took him to the hospital and we have to meet them there. He only caught CJ hurt, ambulance and need to go to the hospital! He than quickly told me goodbye and while I was waiting for him to get home I got the kids ready to go. On the way to the hospital Doug called his parents and they said they would meet us there and take the kids back home for us (a great huge thanks to them for that!!)

When we got to the hospital we checked in and a person showed us back to where they had CJ, as we got closer to his room I could hear him crying. When we walked in the nurses were checking his temp and vitals (his temp was 104). I quickly went to his side and started talking to him to let him know that I was there for him. Not long after we arrived did the doctor on call come into the room to talk to us. He told me that this was actually a pretty common occurence and since it has only happened once and he has been having a high fever that it was a febrile siezure. He even stopped the nurses from putting an IV in him (which they had been getting ready to do right before he walked in), he said he didn't want to have to poke him needlessly. So the plan was to get his fever to come down, observe him and make sure he was acting more normally and then letting us go home. So the nurse came in and gave him some motrin and tylenol to bring his fever down and we then (Doug and I) took turns just walking with him. Poor little guy was just exhausted and Doug was finally able to get him to go to sleep. About an hour later the nurse came back in to check his temp and it was down to 100.4 which was good (he even slept through getting his temp taken) when he woke up we could tell that his fever had broken (not only because he felt alot cooler but because the sheets on the bed where he was lying down were drenched in sweat). And he was starting to act more normally (before he was still shaky and not really focusing on things well) once he woke up he was looking around and starting to talk a bit. The nurse came back in and took a look at him and then went to report back to the doc, who than said that we could go home. So around 3 hours or so after this whole ordeal happened we were finally back home just in time for the bedtime craziness (and of course there was school the next day!)

So anyways, today he is still running a fever off and on. We have been dosing him with motrin every 4-6 hours or so, trying to keep that fever down to a safe zone. They told us that some children are more succeptible (sp?) to having a siezure when there temp is high than others and I guess CJ is one of them. So now that he has had a siezure his risk for having another one when he is running a fever is higher. So we have to make sure that whenever he starts running a fever that we treat it right away so that it doesn't get to high. The good news is that they do eventually out grow this by age 6...but that is still 5 years away.

So now you know the rest of the story...

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