Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The school called...

Ah, the apprehension a parent feels when they hear the phone ring and see that the caller id says it is the school calling! So when this happened this morning I was bracing myself. Last year we had gotten some calls from the school a few were from the school nurse because one of the kids had gotten hurt and some were because Doogie had gotten in trouble. Doogie has been doing pretty well this year with keeping his hands to himself (it's not like he is purposely trying to hurt other kids, he just gets over excited and has a hard time not grabbing on to people). So I was waiting to hear that it was about Doogie, luckily it wasn't. This time it was about Jayde, but she wasn't getting in trouble (Jayde is usually a sweet little angel at school...I wish she would be that way at home too!) No, this time it was the school nurse. She had fallen off one of the toys at school and had hit her head. She has a bit of a bump, but she told the nurse that she felt fine and was returned to class with an ice pack. The nurse just wanted to call and let me know what had happened and to tell me that she was sending home a paper that would tell us what to look out for with head injuries. I think I probably have that paper memorized by now having 5 kids and all! But anyways, she is fine and we'll probably talk my ear off about it when I pick her up this afternoon.

Here's a little funny to make you all laugh. Yesterday evening after we had dinner we took the kids over to the park next to our house. The kids were having fun running around and playing soccer and also swinging (the rest of the playground had gotten burned down the 4th of July...they think some kids were setting off fireworks and caught it on fire and they haven't gotten around to rebuilding it yet, but I hope they do!) There was a soccer practice going on, so I took the two little guys to swing on the swings. I noticed a man walking towards me with three kids (pretty close in age with mine) and he smiled at me and said "Don't see to many big families around here that often" I laughed, then he said "I have eight kids!" I told him "well you got us beat!" He than said "well your kids are young enough, you might catch up!" And I just laughed and laughed! 'Course his oldest kids are in college, so he's are a bit more spaced out than mine are!

Okay, here's one more...some of you might not think it's funny though I on the other hand got a chuckle out of it and we still tease him about it off and on. Doug was getting the boys showered one evening and I went to help get one of the little guys out and get him ready for bed when Doug said "Doogie, tell your mom what you told me". Doogie was pretty hesitant and didn't want to tell me so Doug prompted him with "don't worry you aren't going to get in trouble for it". Which of course perked my interest right up! So he finally told me, that one night he came in to use the bathroom but Jayde was already in there going potty herself. So instead of waiting for her to be done he decided that he would just go ahead and use the litter box (the litter boxes are in the downstairs bathroom)! I scoop the litter boxes everyday (well I try to, sometimes it's more like every other day) and I can say that I didn't notice a larger lump than normal and I'm just thankful that he atleast got it in the litter box and not all over my walls and floor! So I just told him that next time he should probably just wait for his sister to be done or come upstairs and use one of the two bathrooms up there! And when he is older and bringing home his girlfriends I will be sure to embarass him with this story! Hahaha (my evil laugh).

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