Friday, September 5, 2008

Rachael to the Rescue

(Written by Doug)

Rachael always complains about the lack of excitement and 'action' in her life.. But that all changed yesterday.. I was paged ( I cannot have cell phones in the area I work, so everyone carries good ole' 1990 tech pagers) by Rachael to come home and pickup the kids from school, CJ was not feeling well and he was sleeping, so she wanted me to get the kids. I came home to get the Suburban and then headed out to get the kids. After picking them up (Doogie and Jayde), I dropped them off at the house and took the Suburban to work for the rest of the day. I get back to the office and start doing a little work and get another page from Rachael, this time it had a 911 on the end of it. I thought crap, she wants to go get some scrapbook supplies and needs the Suburban.. So I called and boy was I wrong. Rachael voice was shaking.. 'I need you to come home'... Like any guy, I was thinking the spider is not that big or something alone those lines (or maybe I was hoping that..).. So I asked why... Well, apparently, CJ was mad, so he falls over on the wood floor and then starts having seizures for about the next 30-45 seconds.. Rachael tried to call me but then hung up and called 911. When I got home, I thought we would take CJ to the ER not that the EMT's already did... The little guy appear to be okay, no worse for the wear. I guess its somewhat common for kids with high fevers to have some Febrile Seizures (so like the whole diabetes stuff, we wore out the internet doing research)... So he's still a little hot today, but we are giving him some Motrin to keep the fever down and had wrapped him in bubble wrap...

Back the the EMTs, those of you who know Rachael, are as amazed as I am that she let one of her (our) kids go with an EMT to the emergency room. Rachael did a heck of a job keeping her composure during the whole event.. I can't wait to get the 911 tape and hear the whole story...

I'm sure Rachael will write more later, but I think she is (rightly so) a little 'stressed' over the whole incident.. Thanks go out to my parents who came down to get the kids from the ER and take them back to the house...

Funny comment of the day... As we are leaving, the nurse tries to tell us how to get out of the ER... I looked at her and in a calm and polite voice... "We've been here before..."

** Rachael most likely does not approve this message!! **

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