Monday, September 22, 2008

Jaxon Update

Thank you to everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers and for everyones support and help. Jaxon is doing great! He really bounced back fast with all the treatments. They are leaning towards it being more asthma/bronchitis instead of croup and have been treating him with an inhaler. He's still a bit wheezy but doing fine. He was getting pretty darn onry this afternoon and was pretty tired of being stuck in the hospital and wanted to go home (though who can blame him). They probably would of let us go home this evening if we had pushed it. But of course they say if things are going to get bad it is usually at night, so we felt more comfortable with staying another night just to be on the safe side and as long as all goes well he should be home tomorrow morning sometime. Doug is staying the night with him again and once I get the kids off to school tomorrow will head for the hospital and hopefully be bringing them home! He will then have to have his inhaler treatments every 4 hours (except if he is asleep, the doc didn't believe in waking kids up if they didn't need to!) for 5 days and we will also follow up with our regular doctor.

Just wanted to also say that just because they think it is asthma related doesn't neccesarily mean that he will have asthma. It could just be he has these symptoms when he is sick and what not, though he will be more at risk for developing asthma later on and than again he could be perfectly fine. This also more than likely steams from the fact that he had bronchlioitis when he was 4-7 weeks old and had to be hospitalized for that for a few days. He said that because of that he was just more succeptible to this happening.

So anyways, I am headed to bed! I'm exhausted from racing back and forth all day getting kids to and from school and also being with Jaxon at the hospital. Poor Jaxon was pretty upset when I left tonight since he really wanted to go home too. But hopefully we can start getting ourselves back together tomorrow and get back on some sort of schedule (not to mention my house looks like a hurricane hit it!) And we also have Ryann's Diabetes walk this weekend to do (a big thanks to those who have already donated and those who plan on donating, we really do appreciate your support in this and I know Ryann does too!)

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