Monday, March 19, 2007

The move date is getting closer!!

Things sure do have a way of creeping up on you! I kept thinking, oh I've got plenty of time to get that done...but now before you know it everything is right there on top of you! Of course it didn't help that I got hit hard with the flu last week and was down for the count. It was horrible, everytime I felt like I was getting better and would try to get would just knock me flat on my back again. Doug ended up taking the whole week off from work to help out and then he ended up getting sick as well. Let me tell you, two adults with the flu trying to take care of 4 kids is not my idea of fun! Luckily though we both started getting better at about the same time and are now back on the mend. I still get tired out pretty quickly if I try to do to much too fast. So I have been trying to take it slow, which hasn't been easy since I see how much work I need to get done. This week (besides catching up on all my housework and laundry) I need to start packing up all of my scrapbooking supplies so that Doug won't have to do it later. I also need to start going through clothes and packing up what we will need. I realized that I am going to have to go through boxes and try to find the kids spring/summer clothes to take along with us since I won't know when Doug will actually be back in WA for good with the rest of our stuff. So that is just another thing to add to my list.

Doug was finally able to get Ryann and Jaxon back in to the ENT for their rechecks. Ryann's ears look fine but Jaxon seems to have an infection (which we kind of suspected since he has a lot of yucky drainage from his ear) so we have to continue giving him his ear drops and then bring him back in for another check on the 3rd....which also is the day that we will be heading to WA. So as soon as his appointment is over we will be hitting the road for home. I had to reschedule my last appointment with my OBGYN here since it was originally for the 4th and that isn't going to work! LOL! So I now go in on the 27th of March for my last check up before we leave. They had wanted me to get an ultrasound done as well, but they weren't able to get me in before we leave, so I'll just have to take care of that once we get back to WA and I'm back with my old OBGYN....which reminds me that I need to call them and make sure that they will be able to see me once I get back! We also weren't able to get Jayde in to see the neurologist before we left either, so we will just have to wait and see what the Richland School District wants to do once we get there. It's going to be crazy once we get back trying to get kids registered for school and what not. So as of now, we are planning on leaving right after Jaxon's appointment April 3rd and if everything goes well and we don't have any hang ups on the way we will hopefully be back in WA around Easter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everyone travels well and we all stay healthy! Making sure I bring along the car sickness pills as well, since my kids seem to have that problem on long trips (especially when Doug takes his shortcuts on long windy roads! LOL!)

On other news....the kids all seem to be doing well. Thank goodness they didn't come down with the flu like Doug and I did! I think they are all looking forward to getting to WA and being around family. Jaxon it seems has finally decided to start walking on his own!! He's still not doing it all the time, but now he will walk across the room to someone and he is getting alot more steadier. He still loves to push his walker around everywhere and run people down though! LOL! I think that is why he has refused to walk on his own for so long....he likes to drive! So we'll see if he's cruising all over the place on his own by the time we are back in WA.

The weather has been so goofy over here. Last week we had beautiful weather, it even got up in the high 70's and then on Thursday night it started raining and by Friday that rain had turned into sleet/snow. So once again we were surrounded by a winter wonderland, I even had Doug go pick up Doogie from the bus stop Friday afternoon it was that nasty out and the bus stop is pretty much right behind our house! Well the temperatures are starting to go back up and the ice/snow are starting to slowly melt again. Hopefully this time the warm weather will be here to stay and we won't get anymore of these weird snow storms....another reason I told Doug I would be happy to get back home! Oh and did I mention that we have a new car?? We are now the owners of a great big white suburban! It will take me a while to get used to driving something that big...but it sure is a lot more roomier and should give us more room to pack things for the trip back home! Not to mention it should be more comfortable, we have alot more room to move around and we wont feel quite as squished!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I have a new nephew!!

My SIL (sister-in-law) had her baby on Friday March 9th at 12:41 pm. Ethan James weighed in at 7lbs 14 oz and was 20 inches long. He sure made his way into the world with a bang though! Sometime between her ultrasound on Tuesday and when she had him on Friday he had flipped to breech! They didn't realize it until her water had broken and she was 8 cm dialated! So since he was a frank breech (butt first with legs in v position) they decided to go for a breech vaginal birth! Luckily everything went pretty smoothly and he is a little bit bruised in his poor tooshy and other parts but they are doing really well! They got back home from the hospital yesterday and it looks like they are settling in pretty well, his 3 big brothers are very excited to have him here! I wish I could go and see him in person, but doesn't look like that is going to happen. So hopefully getting pictures will do! That's what happens when everyone gets spread out across the states and you can't always get over to see them when you want to. That's why pictures are soo important, atleast that way you can "see" them grow up with each different picture. I know I'm a little behind in sending pictures out myself, I'm hoping after the move I'll have alot more time to do that! And I try to email pictures out occasionally too, though I'm sure people start getting tired of seeing so many pictures of my kids all the time! LOL!
Now for what's been happening with us! We have still been battling some yucky germs off. Doogie and Jayde seem to be finally getting over there stuff. Ryann is acting better though her nose is still kind of yucky, poor Jaxon's little nose is running like crazy and he has a bit of a cough. He also has a lot of discharge coming out of his ear and it is plugging his ear up when it dries. We are trying to keep it cleaned out, but since we aren't supposed to use anything in his ear except a warm wet washcloth getting down in there isn't easy. We need to reschedule their ear appointments with the ENT since they had gotten canceled last week when everyone was feeling crummy!
Doug went to Jayde's re evaluation for her speech on Friday. They still aren't sure why she isn't up to speed with her talking and want us to take her to a neurologist to see if something is going on there. So that is another thing we need to get done before we move...everything is just adding up!
My doctor's appointment went fine on Thursday. Everything is looking good. They do want me to go in and get another ultrasound done (which the ultrasound tech warned me might happen), since I went in at 18 weeks it was difficult for her to get really good pictures of everything they wanted to see. So I need to go and see their specialist this time (not because anything is wrong though) they just have a better ultrasound machine and can get clearer pictures. On Friday I started coming down with the flu and I have been pretty much flat on my back for most of the weekend! It hasn't been much fun, Doug did a pretty good job at keeping the kids out of my hair though so that I could get some rest. He even left late for work today so that he could help get the kids ready and on their busses this morning and is going to try and get home early too. Which is good, since I don't know how long I'm going to last today! I feel better than I did yesterday, but still pretty sore and wobbly! I'm hoping in another day or so I'll be back on track!
Anyways, that's about it for us at the moment besides the usual hum drum of packing and cleaning up the house (though I didn't get around to any of that this weekend!!) I just hope we are all feeling back to 100% by April when we head cross country for WA! Hope everyone else is doing well and staying healthy! I will keep you posted! :)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Getting things going!

I decided to start up a new blog on this site, since the one I had through the baby site was really hard to manage and it was difficult to get pictures uploaded. It should be alot easier to do on this site! I should hopefully be able to get on here more and give more updates and pictures!

Right now, it's still the same old same old. Working on getting things packed up and ready for moving. Doug is still on the job search, hopefully something will come through soon! We are really looking forward to going back home, though the drive back will be long! Everything will be worth it in the end!

We have all been battling some yucky cold for a while now. Just when I think we are starting to feel better we get hit by another round! Poor Jayde had to stay home on Friday from school since she was running a fever. She was a little bummed about it, since it was the day her class was going to the bookfair. But we gave some extra money to Doogie so that he could get a book for her! He did a good job picking one out for her (though he did pick out about 4 for himself! LOL!) Jaxon and Ryann both go back to the ENT on Wednesday for a recheck and to do another hearing test. Hopefully everything will look good and we won't have anymore ear problems! On Thursday I will go in for my doctor's appointment, then I will hopefully see them one more time before we hit the road for WA! On Friday we are scheduled to go talk to Jayde's teachers at school for another re-evaluation. We will also have to remember to ask for all their records so we will have them for the move and hopefully get her into a program back home.

Anyways, that is it for now! I think I have a stinky diaper that I need to go change! LOL! Take care everyone and I will keep you posted! :)