Monday, March 5, 2007

Getting things going!

I decided to start up a new blog on this site, since the one I had through the baby site was really hard to manage and it was difficult to get pictures uploaded. It should be alot easier to do on this site! I should hopefully be able to get on here more and give more updates and pictures!

Right now, it's still the same old same old. Working on getting things packed up and ready for moving. Doug is still on the job search, hopefully something will come through soon! We are really looking forward to going back home, though the drive back will be long! Everything will be worth it in the end!

We have all been battling some yucky cold for a while now. Just when I think we are starting to feel better we get hit by another round! Poor Jayde had to stay home on Friday from school since she was running a fever. She was a little bummed about it, since it was the day her class was going to the bookfair. But we gave some extra money to Doogie so that he could get a book for her! He did a good job picking one out for her (though he did pick out about 4 for himself! LOL!) Jaxon and Ryann both go back to the ENT on Wednesday for a recheck and to do another hearing test. Hopefully everything will look good and we won't have anymore ear problems! On Thursday I will go in for my doctor's appointment, then I will hopefully see them one more time before we hit the road for WA! On Friday we are scheduled to go talk to Jayde's teachers at school for another re-evaluation. We will also have to remember to ask for all their records so we will have them for the move and hopefully get her into a program back home.

Anyways, that is it for now! I think I have a stinky diaper that I need to go change! LOL! Take care everyone and I will keep you posted! :)

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