Monday, June 30, 2008

That's it...

The diapers are coming off! We are going to get knock down dragged out serious about this potty training buisness! So starting this morning Ryann is going to be wearing underwear! So far we are off to a good start...but then it's only been about a half hour! As soon as she got up, I took her in to go potty and then we put underwear on and some plastic pants (for some extra insurance). And everytime I take Ryann in (I'm going to take her in every hour) I'm going to have Jaxon sit for a while too. If I'm already going to be potty training I might as well kill two birds with one stone! So keep your fingers crossed, I'm hoping they both catch on quickly! Haha, yeah right! It will be nice though if I can get them both done (not to mention how much money we will save if we only have one kid in diapers instead of 3)! And I told Doug that in another month we can put C.J. on whole milk and save some more money by not having to buy formula! So here we go folks...we are in for a tough haul I think, atleast with Ryann. Jaxon's already been showing some interest in the potty and has gone a few times for me already. So I'm hoping he'll catch on quickly. And maybe having him "train" with her will help motivate her a little bit more!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


It was another hot one today, up into the 100's. Doug worked alot in the yard again, cutting up the tree's he took down yesterday and he also cut done one of the other one's I wanted out. Now we just need to get all the wood cleared out and the holes filled back in.

The girls had a birthday party to go to today. It was just next door which worked out really nice. Jayde and the oldest little girl next door have really hit it off, which I'm really thankful for. I think we will be seeing a lot of our neighbors! So I took the girls over there this afternoon, while Doug stayed here and hung out with the boys. The girls had a blast and I had to drag them out of there when it was time to leave and I got treated to some tasty vietmanese (sp?) food. They gave me some to take home as well and it is already gone! I think they were pretty impressed that I even tried it all since some of it was a little spicy, but it was all very delicious!

The boys finally got a haircut today, it was long overdue! I think I was in total shock though after I saw how they cut Jaxon's hair. They cut it like Doogie's but they have totally different hair. And with Jaxon's hair being so fine and being such a almost looks like he is bald!LOL! So I will have to go and get him some floppy hats to wear for when he is outside so he doesn't burn! I need to get some for C.J. as well. I found a hat yesterday to put on C.J. since we were outside and it was starting to get a little too small for him, but I was just cracking up at his response to it. He knew there was something on his head but he just couldn't figure out how to get to it.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A hot one!

Boy is it hot outside! We've been hanging out inside for the most part, though the kids have been and out. Doug on the other hand has spent a big chunk of the day outside working in the yard. Since the house has been sitting pretty much vacant for about a year, you can imagine what the yard looks like! We have 4 tree's that are dead, so Doug has been pulling them out which will save a bunch of money since originally he was just going to cut them down and then have someone come and pull the stumps out. But he figured out a way to pull the entire tree out on his own. Yard is already starting to look alot different without those tree's there. There are a few I would like to take out still (that aren't dead) but we'll see when he is able to get to that. He definitely has plenty of work to keep him busy for quite a while. Not to mention we still need to finish unpacking. C.J.'s first birthday is rapidly aproaching (can't believe it's been almost a year already!) so I would like to have the house looking halfway unpacked by then, since I'm sure we'll have a small family party for him and it would be nice it everyone had a place to sit that didn't have boxes surrounding them! LOL!

The kids got invited to a birthday party for tomorrow (the next door neighbor) so they are pretty excited about that. So I better get to the store tonight or early tomorrow and get a present for her. The girls from next door came over to play again this morning. The kids seem to get along pretty well. I told Doug if they end up being really good friends we should just put a gate between the two yards!

Anyways, nothing super exciting happening. Just trying to get the house done and get settled. Think we are going to head over to swim in little while.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Yesterday I got absolutely nothing done! It was not a good day. The kids were getting into everything and bickering amongst themselves. So every time I turned around it was just something... So I spent the whole day pretty much being a referee. When the weather cooled off a bit in the evening though I took them all over to the park and let them run off some of their energy. It's really nice having the park so close. I basically just walk halfway around our loop, go through the walkway and there it is! Afterwards we came back home and they went out in the backyard to play. The neighbors were out in their yard too, they have two litte girls, one is Jayde's age and will be in 1st grade next year as well. I'm not sure how old the other one is...I think she is between Jaxon and Ryann. So they all climbed up on the fence and talked to eachother for a while. Then Jayde asked if they could come over here and we told them they could so they came over and played with the girls for a while. So they were all pretty excited about making their first new friends and having someone come over.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The unpacking continues...

It still feels like there is not an end in sight! Everywhere I look there are boxes and as soon as I get one done there is another to take it's place! But on the bright side, atleast when it is all done I won't have to worry about unpacking boxes for a long time (I don't think we are planning on doing anymore moving for a while!) It's starting to look like a home, though it seems like whenever I get it half way cleaned up, more boxes get opened or the kids drag more stuff out! That's pretty much par for the course though. I think they are all having a great time in the new house though and having their own space. I think the bickering has gone down, now that they are able to retreat to their own space when they need too. Most of the time the older kids play downstairs and the two little guys stay up here with me.

Anyways, nothing super exciting happening except for the unpacking. I'll be sooo glad when that is done! Think we might take a break though and go swimming this afternoon. We've been cooped up in the house lately with all the unpacking I've been trying to get done so it will be good for all of us!

Monday, June 23, 2008

We are home!

We spent our first night in our very own house last night. It went pretty well, we didn't get to bed until late, but everyone went to sleep pretty quickly...and in their own room! Jaxon loves having a big boy bed now and I didn't have any trouble with him climbing out when he wasn't supposed too! I've been working on tackling the boxes in the kitchen...we have to wash everything before it gets put away, so that makes it take a little longer. Not to mention keeping C.J. and Jaxon out of things while I'm trying to unpack. Once everything gets put away and we get rid of all the boxes though than the kids can have free reign. C.J. has been having a blast just crawling/walking everywhere.

Anyways, though nothing else super exciting happening. Gotta keep on moving and unpacking otherwise I won't move again!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

48 Snails...

You might be wondering what 48 snails has to do with anything...but this was how many snails the kids and I found outside after our rain storm! We found them stuck to the sides of the house, in the flowers, etc... We had a bunch of fun collecting them all and then setting them on the fence. We just had to make sure that Jaxon didn't smash them in his excitement! I definitely don't have squimish children! They were pretty ticked off at me when I tore them away from their collection to go and have dinner!

Nothing super exciting to report. We spent most of the day down at the house working on getting boxes unpacked and bedrooms ready to go. We had the three oldest with us and Grammy and Papa kept the two little guys for us. It's starting to get there though and we should hopefully be in our own house by this week. I know everyone is very excited about that.

Anyways, that's about it for us. I still got kids getting up and wandering the would think they would be tired by now and just crash, I know I want too! I got some pictures of the kids with their snails...just need to get them off the camera.

Friday, June 20, 2008

First Day of Summer

Yep, today is officially the first day of summer. We didn't do anything super special today...just an ordinary day. We have been playing outside alot lately...but spent alot of today inside. I think everyone was just worn out from how busy we have been. That's okay, I was feeling pretty tired myself...keeping up with 5 kids definitely wears you out! We still had some fun though, just hanging out.

C.J. is getting braver and braver, now when he lets go of something instead of immediately getting down on his hands and knees to crawl, he will take some steps. So I don't think it is going to be long before he is just cruising. He does like to do what everyone else is doing and as long as he is with everyone he is pretty happy just hanging out. So I just have to make sure that there is nothing that he can get into or get hurt on. Not an easy feat with everyone's toys, especially Doogie's legos. And he likes to climb, so that is another problem...I constantly catch him up on the hearth and he's also started using things as a step stool if it happens to be there as well.

I was going to go down to the house today to help Doug with the unpacking. But it's hard to get much done with 5 kids in tow. So I'm watching the kids while Doug unpacks. One of these days we'll get it all done and be in our own place. Poor Doug is over there every day trying to get stuff done so that we can move in, I feel bad that I haven't been able to help more. Anybody want to take 5 kids for a while so I can unpack?! LOL! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

He Walked!!

Another fun day for us! We spent alot of time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather.
We had a picnic lunch in the front yard and played some games, then later this afternoon we enjoyed the pool! We gave Ryann another chance, and she didn't have any accidents while swimming...though she still hasn't been using the potty for me. I just don't know what to do with her. Doug and I are wondering if there might be something else going on, so I'm going to talk to the doctor about that when we take her in next month.

As you see in the title...the little man started walking! He took about 6-7 steps for me this afternoon and he's done it a couple other times this evening. So we'll see if he doesn't start just taking off now! 'Course he still gets to where he is going faster by crawling than walking so we'll see if this walking starts catching on!`


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Great Day...

It was nice and warm again today. The kids and I spent most of the afternoon outside, I was potting plants and they were playing with the hose. It was alot of fun watching them play, they were all getting along (for the most part) and just having a great time! It's supposed to be nice and warm again tomorrow. So hopefully we'll be able to wash the car, the kids wanted to do that today, but I had to keep an ear open for the Jaxon and C.J. who were inside sleeping and I didn't want to get it half way done and then have to stop.

I still haven't gotten around to getting my pictures off the camera either. Was just having too much fun with the kids today to get around to it! Hopefully I'll be able to get that done tomorrow too! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Coach-Pitch Game

Doogie and Jayde had their last game tonight. It was a good game. They both hit the ball really good and Doogie even got a couple guys out at first. They have both improved so much through out the season. At the end of the game they got a certificate and a medal...they were pretty happy about that.

Was another hot and beautiful day! My brother's girlfriend's son came over and spent the afternoon with us. Doogie thought that was great, since they are in the same grade and have alot of fun with eachother. They all kept pretty busy either playing outside, in their room, playing the Wii or building with legos. Of course both Jayde and Ryann were asking if one of their friends could come over and play and I told the we would have to do it another day.

Anyways, though nothing super exciting to report for the day. Supposed to have another hot one tomorrow, maybe I can get out with the kids and wash the car then. Depends on if the little ones cooperate! Though C.J. does stay pretty content hanging out in the stroller as long as he can see everyone. Right now I'm working on giving the kids their snack and then I'm sending them off to bed. Then I get to put laundry away! Still need to get my pictures off my camera too...maybe I'll do that tomorrow as well!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of the dad's out there! We had our usual busy one! We started off my cleaning out the suburban (and believe me it needed it!) We scrubed and washed the inside...I still need to shampoo the carpets from all of those spills, but it does look a heck of alot better inside. Then we need to wash the outside! I'm hoping to get around to that this week, since the weather is supposed to stay pretty warm. And it will give the kids something to do and keep them cool!

After we cleaned out the car, we had lunch and went swimming for the rest of the afternoon. Doogie and Jayde are really becoming the swimmers! Ryann unfortunately had to sit out again...she pooped in the pool again yesterday when we had decided to give her another chance and she promised she would use the potty. Guess that didn't work out again! I really don't know what to do with her...I have bribed with everything I can think of, tried every litte incentive, threatened and taken things away (like swimming). And believe me she gets really upset and when I think that maybe it's working...she just goes back to her old ways. I just need to find that one thing that is more important to her than not using the potty, and I guess I just haven't found it yet.

So now I've got a tired bunch of kids on my hands and I just put them all to bed (except for Doogie, he went down to the house with Doug). They should all be pretty pooped out from our day, I know that I am! So hopefully they will fall asleep soon and then I will head over the house and work on unpacking some funniest thing to do! Hah! I need to download the pictures of my camera too and get some more uploaded to share with all of you. Oh and don't forget to check out the kids' blogs they have been updating too!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I hate unpacking...course I hate packing too! Luckily though I didn't have to do too much of the packing, since we had movers do that. I did pack up some of my things that I didn't trust them to handle though. So anyways, we spent most of the day down at the house working on getting things unpacked and put away. We are washing all the dishes first before putting them away so that makes it take a bit longer. But it will be one less thing we'll have to do later! We are starting to see some of the floor again! I'm looking forward to when it is just done and we can just enjoy our new house!

A big sign that you child is starting to grow up is when you start getting phone calls for her from her friends! All ready with the end of school she's had a couple friends call and leave messages for her...of course I am talking about Jayde! She is Miss Popularity...she seems to make new friends with ease. Of course with us not actually living in the house right now, we end up missing some of the calls. Doug was saying that we are probably going to have to get Jayde her own phone line she gets so many calls! Doogie usually makes friends pretty easily too, they are all pretty outgoing. I know when we lived in TN and especially in NJ it seemed wherever we went where there were a bunch of kids they always knew Doogie! This year though he got off on a bad foot at school and hung out with some boys that weren't really nice and so he got a bad rap as well. Towards the end of the school year though he got his act together and started hanging out with a better group of kids and I think he started to enjoy school again. He told me today that he misses school, especially his friends and his teacher Mrs. Moore...he said that she is the best! So of course than all the three oldest kids had to get in a discussion about how much they miss their teachers and how wonderful they were (which they are!) But it was funny to listen to them talk.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Beautiful Day

Funny how as soon as school got out the weather started getting warmer! The past couple days have been really nice and it is supposed to stay nice all next week. We enjoyed swimming in the pool this afternoon.

Jayde had a birthday party to go to today! She had so much fun, it was a small party with just a few of her friends from school. I had to drag her out the door when it was time to go, but we promised her that we would all get together soon so that the girls could all play with eachother.

Potty training progress?! Hmmm...maybe, we'll have to see. We weren't going to let Ryann go swimming today since earlier she had pooped and pee'd in her pants and her diaper leaked. She didn't tell anyone and ended up getting it every where!? UGH! But she promised us she wouldn't go in the pool, we made her get out half way through and had her go sit on the potty and she did go! When we were all done swimming I was going to put a pull-up back on her and she refused! She didn't want to wear diapers anymore. So I told her if I put real underwear on her she would have to use the potty. She had a little accident, I think she started to go and stopped herself because she was only a little damp. So I had her go in the bathroom and go potty and then change her underwear. She went potty for me and wanted to put real underwear on again. I let her wear it until it was time for bed than had her put a diaper on, with the promise that she could wear her underwear again tomorrow as long as she used the potty. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I asked her if her underwear felt better than her diapers and she said yes. So maybe I should just let her wear the "real thing" again and see if that works...couldn't hurt anyways, just more of a mess to clean up!

House is coming along, our dishwasher and range finally came in yesterday. So Doug spent last night and most of today getting it all installed and working on getting the sinks in. We are going to head back over later tonight and start putting kitchen stuff away. As soon as all the kids finally fall asleep. The past couple nights they have really had a tough time going to bed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Okay, just wanted to let you all know about the nifty little thing I found to put on the blog. It says "Subscribe via email" and it is on the right side of the page towards the top. All you have to do is type you email address in the blank and hit subscribe and they will lead you through the rest. Then you will get an email from them everytime I update the blog to let you know. So sit back relax, crank up you speakers and read about the Crowes!

Jayde's Friends

When I saw Jayde's speech teacher today, she was telling me how she had a meeting with Jayde's new speech teacher yesterday, she told him she was really miffed about the whole situation...the situation being that he got Jayde now and she didn't have her anymore!

Doogie's Field Day Pictures

Puppy Pictures

We found out that the puppies names are "Happy" and "Millie"


No, I didn't see them out and about when I was driving back and forth today taking kids to school. But I did see their owners out digging holes...I'm assuming to put fence posts in! Looks like they learned their lesson letting the dogs just wander around in the back yard with no fence! They are absolutely adorable puppies (Australian shepards) and I know I would hate to have anything happen to them if they were mine. I'm just surprised they did that to begin with... So though I would love to take them for my own, I am glad to see that they decided to put a fence up. I would really be worrying about them getting out and getting hit by a car otherwise.

Last Day of School!!

Wow! Can't believe the last day is finally here. Of course it is just a mad rush to get all of the last minute things done. I had Doug print out our new phone number so that the kids could just hand them out to their friends today. Jayde has to go early today (10:30) and then they both get out at 12:00 so maybe we'll just go out for lunch afterwards to celebrate! I also need to go cut some roses real quick and put them in the vases so that I can give them to the kids to give to their teachers at the end of school. I'll be taking more pictures too! Still need to get some pictures of Jayde with her teachers. So I will try and put some pictures up later today or tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Field day...

Our day started out cold and rainy. Doogie's class picnic was scheduled for today, I was thinking it was going to be moved inside for sure. However when I got there to drop Doogie off they told me it was still on! And I think they would of gone if their hadn't been some kind of mix up with the buses! So we moved it back into the school, and started off playing duck duck goose and then everyone had lunch. Afterwards they split up into groups and just rotated through all of the 1st grade classes. They all still ended up having alot of fun though and I got some good pictures. But I tell you I am just exhausted! Keeping up with about 60 1st graders, is very tiring! I don't know how the teachers do it, I know I couldn't be one! I also found out that Doogie's teacher (the one he has now) knows his going to be 2nd grade teacher at his new school. She said that she really likes her and that she is really good and thinks that Doogie and her will be a good match. So that was reassuring to hear. I also ran into Jayde's speech teacher and found out that she was going to be having a meeting with Jayde's new speech teacher this afternoon and was going to go over everything with him for Jayde's needs. She almost starting crying when she told me that out of all her students she would miss Jayde the most! She also loved the flower pot that we had made for her. At first she had thought we had bought it like that and was asking Jayde where we had gotten it from. Jayde of course explained that we had made it herself, and was very proud.

On the way to school this morning (when I was on my way down to help in Doogie's class) I found two cute little puppies wandering around the street. I of course couldn't just leave them, I was afraid they would get hit by a car. So I took them back to the house and my mother-in-law took them in with her. I'm sure she had a great afternoon, not only taking care of my kids but also two puppies on top of that! When Doug got home from work we took the kids out for a walk and to also go around the neighborhood looking for the owners (though I have to admit we were really hoping we wouldn't find them!) However we saw a flier for them on one of the street posts and Doug made the call. We left a couple messages and while we were gone with the kids at the park they came by and picked the dogs up. Though I think we should of kept them anyways! It seems like they just leave them in their backyard all day while they are at work...oh and did I mention that it isn't fenced?! So these dogs just wander around all day...of course they said "well they have never run away before!" So I think I will just be driving by every day and if I see them out wandering around the neighborhood I'm just going to pick them up and keep them this time! I got some cute pictures of them with the kids too, and C.J. loved them, everytime they would lick his face he would just giggle.

Anyways, I will have to get all my pictures downloaded off the camera and then get some new ones up for you to see. I took a ton of pictures today...but think I'm going to head to bed as soon as these kids fall asleep because I am exhausted from today. I think I will be dead to the world as soon as my head hits the pillow!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New teachers

Well Doogie and Jayde met their new teachers today. Doug picked them up from school early and took them over. Sounds like it went well, though they couldn't remember the names for me! But they both got girl teachers we have had good luck so far with the female teachers so hopefully that will continue. Doug also said he met Jayde's new speech therapist as well, our speech therapist now has nothing but good things to say about him, which is good. So we'll see how things go next year! Jayde's also going to be in a summer speech program through the school district. So that should help keep her up to speed over the summer so she won't regress.

Flower Pots

Well the kids flower pots went over really well. I just wished I had remembered to take a picture of them! Ah well... Doogie's teacher was pretty happy with hers, I even had managed to pot a plant in there that just happened to be one of her favorites! What are the chances of that?! She thought that was a pretty cool idea to use the kids fingerprints to make all of the bugs and flowers. Jayde's teacher looked pretty happy with hers as well. Think I'm going to do a big one for me and find a place for it at our new house. They would also make great gifts for other things as well. I could even "plant" silk flowers instead of real ones too. I was also thinking of decorating a pot with the kids handprints as well. So the possibilities are just endless...I think it is alot of fun to use a common item and turn it into something else.

Only a couple days left of school!

Thank goodness! Because that means we have a break from running around like crazy in the mornings! This morning was especially crazy, since I slept in! Ooops! So we barely got out the door on time. Good thing I had potted Doogie's plant last night for his teacher (we made the kids teachers flower pots for their teacher present. They turned out really well, the kids used their fingerprints to make butterflies, flowers, ants, caterpillars and other things). Then on Wednesday (the last day of school) they are going to bring their teacher a rose out of Grammy's rose garden! Now I need to get Jayde's plants potted for her teachers so that she can give them to her teachers today.

Today, the kids are going to get picked up early from school and go down to their new school to meet their new teachers. Jayde says she doesn't want to go, she wants to stay at her old school. I just keep reassuring her that she will make new friends at her new school and we will still keep in touch with her friends at her old school.

Yesterday was busy, we spent most of the day at our new house. Doug has been busy putting furniture together and getting things organized and into the right rooms. The kids are having so much fun playing with all of their toys again. Everything is like new for them, since they haven't seen them for so long! We are basically just waiting on our kitchen to officially move in (we still need to get our stove/oven and dishwasher). All of that should (hopefully) be here this week!

I see I need to get around to taking some more pictures, I will try to do that this week as well. Doogie has his class picnic tomorrow and I'm hoping to get some pictures of him then. I also want to get some pictures of Jayde with all of her friends as well (maybe today or the last day).

Saturday, June 7, 2008


YUCK! A skunk got into the house last night when everyone was asleep. I woke up around 3:00 because Jaxon was crying as the smell just hit me! I was looking all over the upstairs trying to figure out what that smell was. The whole house just reaks of skunk... It wasn't until I went into the laundry room this morning (the smell was extremely overpowering in there) and I could see skunk "spray" all over the refrigerator, washer/dryer, and a little on the wall. So it was pretty disgusting. I cleaned the refrigerator off as best as I could with what I could find and then Norma has been cleaning it all day. She's been putting every possible cleaner on there that we can find and going to all the pet stores trying to find something to get rid of the horrible smell. I don't think the dogs got directly sprayed...but they definitely rubbed against it or something. I think I have that smell stuck in my nose and smell it everywhere I go, the smell is just clinging to everything! So as you can see it's been a interesting day!

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Countertops are done!!

And boy do they look good! Tons of counterspace, that's for sure! I'm going to have to go and get some pics! And the guy who did them gave us a good idea for what to use for a backsplash. So now we just are waiting on our new stove and dishwasher and the kitchen will be done! Course we still need to go find some barstools so that we have a place to sit down while we are eating! Doug's been busy putting furniture together and working on getting rooms done, so that we can start unpacking and going through boxes. But we are getting there and hopefully by next weekend we'll be moving in!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Here's a picture of the girls and C.J. from a couple days ago. They were helping him walk...

Well took the little guy to the doctor this morning and he checked out fine...was a whopping 25 pounds though! LOL! As you can see he doesn't like to miss too many meals! His ears were clear, throat looked good and lungs sounded great. So we will just have to do the wait and see what happens game. She did say that roseola (sp?) has been going around where they have sudden high fever for a couple days and then it will go away and a rash will show up. It's just a common childhood illness though and nothing you can really do about it, except give them tylenol or motrin for the fever and discomfort and just pamper them until they feel better. So we'll just have to keep an eye on him and see what happens.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another day...

Nothing super exciting happening today. Doogie and Jayde are at their coach-pitch game, I stayed home with the two little guys and Doug took Ryann with them. I don't think the little bug boy is feeling too good. He was fine this morning, but by the afternoon he was just fussy and felt like he was running a fever. He pretty much just slept or sat in my lap all afternoon, a sure sign that he isn't feeling good since this boy does not like to sit still for an instant! He doesn't have his usual hearty appetite either and I just noticed him really tugging at his ear. So I will be calling the doctor's office in the morning to get him in. He's already had one ear infection, I hope he doesn't follow in his brother and sister's footsteps (Jayde, Ryann and Jaxon) and have to have tubes as well!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The guy came to put in the base for our new counters today. The counters should be in Thursday! So my kitchen is close to being done! It is going to look really nice and we have a ton of counterspace and hopefully that will cut back on a lot of clutter. We are also having new countertops put in on the upstairs bathroom and the master bath. I would eventually like to get new cupboards and countertops for the downstairs bathroom as well, but that will have to wait a bit. So anyways, things are moving along and it won't be too much longer now!

While we were down at the house checking things out and seeing how things were going (Ryann and I) we opened up a couple boxes and Ryann found her huge gigantic stuffed sheep dog. This thing is bigger than her! She was so excited and happy to see it! She was carrying it all over the house. She wanted to take it with us when we left the house, but I told her that he needed to stay there to watch over the house! So it is going to be like Christmas for these guys once we really start going through the boxes. I have a feeling we are going to have a huge yardsale though too!

Bug Boy!

I'm going to have to give C.J. the new nickname of bug catcher. Yesterday he was playing on the floor when I noticed he had something in his mouth. I went over to see what it was and low and behold he had a black beetle in his mouth!! YUCK!! Luckily I didn't look like he had gotten to the chewing it up stage yet (he was still just rolling it around in his mouth) and the beetle was still in one piece. I hear that bugs are a good source of protein though!

Monday, June 2, 2008


No, I'm not 37! I won't have that honor for 7 more years! 37 in this case was how low Ryann's blood sugar was this afternoon! YIKES! She wasn't even acting all that funny too, well maybe a little onry...but not enough that I thought she was that low! So imagine my surprise when I sit them all down for lunch and check her blood sugar and I get this number! I did it twice to just be sure. So I gave her a juice box, and she got back up to 136...then of course the only thing she wanted to eat was salad! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that my kids like to eat healthy foods...but in this case I wanted her to eat something that had some carbs in it (salad really doesn't have carbs...well not enough for it to really matter). So she ended up eating 3 helpings of salad and didn't want anything guess she isn't going to be getting a shot for lunch. I'll just have to keep an eye on that blood sugar through out the day. Think we are going to be making some more adjustments to her insulin. She has been going low atleast once a day if not more and that is not good!

The garbage truck...

Jaxon for some reason is absolutely terrified of the garbage truck! He's always felt that way about it, since he first saw one. I don't know if it's the sound they make or what but he just freaks out when it comes. Unless you are holding him, than he doesn't mind standing at the door or window and watching the garbage get picked up and dumped into the truck, in fact than he seems to enjoy it and will even say "bye truck" when it drives away. No other vehicle seems to bug him, but watch out for that garbage truck!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Meet Spot!

Spot is the name we have given another stray cat in the neighborhood. I think we are going to take him as our own once we move into our own place (just need to talk Doug into it!) He seems to get along pretty well with all the other cats so I think he will get along with the cat we already have, since he gets along with everyone as well. Spot is such a sweet boy, if you sit on the ground he will come right over to you and climb in your lap and just nuzzle you and purr. I think Spot will make a nice addition to the family! The kids already love him as well, and if they sit still and our quiet, he will come up and rub against them as well. Which they of course get a big kick out of. So he's a pretty friendly guy, and I think he is pretty cute as well.


This little boy sure does love his donuts...especially the powdered ones!! He gets really excited when he see's that we are having donuts for breakfast. We don't do it very often and usually it's a weekend thing and a special treat! It's funny since when Doogie was a baby I didn't let him have sugar until after he was one! Funny how those things kind of change some once you have more than one! C.J. is such a busy guy, he is starting to stand by himself longer and longer and getting more steadier. He even has tried to take a step or two!

Paint, paint...

go away, come again some other day! That's about sums about my day! I spent it finishing up all of the touch-up in the kids rooms. I also got Ryann's stripe painted. I need to go to the craft store and see if I can find a big pawprint stamp of sometime to use in Jaxon's room since he wants blue's clues. But the rooms and the house are starting to come along. Now that the rooms are done being painted (pretty much) we are starting to move their stuff in their. Doogie and Jayde have their beds put together and they have a few other things in their now as well. Still haven't really broken into the boxes yet, but that will start to happen soon. I need to remember to bring my camera down to the house and take some's quite the mess right now. I should of taken some before and after pics so you could of seen what it looked like before the renovation. But Doug was already tearing things apart and putting things together by the time I thought of that! I'll just have to describe what it looked like before and than show you the after pictures.

My wrist is still pretty sore. It's not too bad when I where the brace but with all the painting I've been doing the past couple days is feeling sore even with the brace on. Thank goodness I'm almost done painting. I figure my wrist isn't going to get much rest until we are all done with our move. Once we are unpacked and settled I will work on resting my wrist and getting it healed! When I don't have my brace on and I move my wrist around I can feel it creaking!