Saturday, June 28, 2008

A hot one!

Boy is it hot outside! We've been hanging out inside for the most part, though the kids have been and out. Doug on the other hand has spent a big chunk of the day outside working in the yard. Since the house has been sitting pretty much vacant for about a year, you can imagine what the yard looks like! We have 4 tree's that are dead, so Doug has been pulling them out which will save a bunch of money since originally he was just going to cut them down and then have someone come and pull the stumps out. But he figured out a way to pull the entire tree out on his own. Yard is already starting to look alot different without those tree's there. There are a few I would like to take out still (that aren't dead) but we'll see when he is able to get to that. He definitely has plenty of work to keep him busy for quite a while. Not to mention we still need to finish unpacking. C.J.'s first birthday is rapidly aproaching (can't believe it's been almost a year already!) so I would like to have the house looking halfway unpacked by then, since I'm sure we'll have a small family party for him and it would be nice it everyone had a place to sit that didn't have boxes surrounding them! LOL!

The kids got invited to a birthday party for tomorrow (the next door neighbor) so they are pretty excited about that. So I better get to the store tonight or early tomorrow and get a present for her. The girls from next door came over to play again this morning. The kids seem to get along pretty well. I told Doug if they end up being really good friends we should just put a gate between the two yards!

Anyways, nothing super exciting happening. Just trying to get the house done and get settled. Think we are going to head over to swim in little while.

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