Monday, June 9, 2008

Flower Pots

Well the kids flower pots went over really well. I just wished I had remembered to take a picture of them! Ah well... Doogie's teacher was pretty happy with hers, I even had managed to pot a plant in there that just happened to be one of her favorites! What are the chances of that?! She thought that was a pretty cool idea to use the kids fingerprints to make all of the bugs and flowers. Jayde's teacher looked pretty happy with hers as well. Think I'm going to do a big one for me and find a place for it at our new house. They would also make great gifts for other things as well. I could even "plant" silk flowers instead of real ones too. I was also thinking of decorating a pot with the kids handprints as well. So the possibilities are just endless...I think it is alot of fun to use a common item and turn it into something else.

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