Monday, June 9, 2008

Only a couple days left of school!

Thank goodness! Because that means we have a break from running around like crazy in the mornings! This morning was especially crazy, since I slept in! Ooops! So we barely got out the door on time. Good thing I had potted Doogie's plant last night for his teacher (we made the kids teachers flower pots for their teacher present. They turned out really well, the kids used their fingerprints to make butterflies, flowers, ants, caterpillars and other things). Then on Wednesday (the last day of school) they are going to bring their teacher a rose out of Grammy's rose garden! Now I need to get Jayde's plants potted for her teachers so that she can give them to her teachers today.

Today, the kids are going to get picked up early from school and go down to their new school to meet their new teachers. Jayde says she doesn't want to go, she wants to stay at her old school. I just keep reassuring her that she will make new friends at her new school and we will still keep in touch with her friends at her old school.

Yesterday was busy, we spent most of the day at our new house. Doug has been busy putting furniture together and getting things organized and into the right rooms. The kids are having so much fun playing with all of their toys again. Everything is like new for them, since they haven't seen them for so long! We are basically just waiting on our kitchen to officially move in (we still need to get our stove/oven and dishwasher). All of that should (hopefully) be here this week!

I see I need to get around to taking some more pictures, I will try to do that this week as well. Doogie has his class picnic tomorrow and I'm hoping to get some pictures of him then. I also want to get some pictures of Jayde with all of her friends as well (maybe today or the last day).

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