Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Field day...

Our day started out cold and rainy. Doogie's class picnic was scheduled for today, I was thinking it was going to be moved inside for sure. However when I got there to drop Doogie off they told me it was still on! And I think they would of gone if their hadn't been some kind of mix up with the buses! So we moved it back into the school, and started off playing duck duck goose and then everyone had lunch. Afterwards they split up into groups and just rotated through all of the 1st grade classes. They all still ended up having alot of fun though and I got some good pictures. But I tell you I am just exhausted! Keeping up with about 60 1st graders, is very tiring! I don't know how the teachers do it, I know I couldn't be one! I also found out that Doogie's teacher (the one he has now) knows his going to be 2nd grade teacher at his new school. She said that she really likes her and that she is really good and thinks that Doogie and her will be a good match. So that was reassuring to hear. I also ran into Jayde's speech teacher and found out that she was going to be having a meeting with Jayde's new speech teacher this afternoon and was going to go over everything with him for Jayde's needs. She almost starting crying when she told me that out of all her students she would miss Jayde the most! She also loved the flower pot that we had made for her. At first she had thought we had bought it like that and was asking Jayde where we had gotten it from. Jayde of course explained that we had made it herself, and was very proud.

On the way to school this morning (when I was on my way down to help in Doogie's class) I found two cute little puppies wandering around the street. I of course couldn't just leave them, I was afraid they would get hit by a car. So I took them back to the house and my mother-in-law took them in with her. I'm sure she had a great afternoon, not only taking care of my kids but also two puppies on top of that! When Doug got home from work we took the kids out for a walk and to also go around the neighborhood looking for the owners (though I have to admit we were really hoping we wouldn't find them!) However we saw a flier for them on one of the street posts and Doug made the call. We left a couple messages and while we were gone with the kids at the park they came by and picked the dogs up. Though I think we should of kept them anyways! It seems like they just leave them in their backyard all day while they are at work...oh and did I mention that it isn't fenced?! So these dogs just wander around all day...of course they said "well they have never run away before!" So I think I will just be driving by every day and if I see them out wandering around the neighborhood I'm just going to pick them up and keep them this time! I got some cute pictures of them with the kids too, and C.J. loved them, everytime they would lick his face he would just giggle.

Anyways, I will have to get all my pictures downloaded off the camera and then get some new ones up for you to see. I took a ton of pictures today...but think I'm going to head to bed as soon as these kids fall asleep because I am exhausted from today. I think I will be dead to the world as soon as my head hits the pillow!

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