Monday, June 23, 2008

We are home!

We spent our first night in our very own house last night. It went pretty well, we didn't get to bed until late, but everyone went to sleep pretty quickly...and in their own room! Jaxon loves having a big boy bed now and I didn't have any trouble with him climbing out when he wasn't supposed too! I've been working on tackling the boxes in the kitchen...we have to wash everything before it gets put away, so that makes it take a little longer. Not to mention keeping C.J. and Jaxon out of things while I'm trying to unpack. Once everything gets put away and we get rid of all the boxes though than the kids can have free reign. C.J. has been having a blast just crawling/walking everywhere.

Anyways, though nothing else super exciting happening. Gotta keep on moving and unpacking otherwise I won't move again!

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