Friday, June 27, 2008

Yesterday I got absolutely nothing done! It was not a good day. The kids were getting into everything and bickering amongst themselves. So every time I turned around it was just something... So I spent the whole day pretty much being a referee. When the weather cooled off a bit in the evening though I took them all over to the park and let them run off some of their energy. It's really nice having the park so close. I basically just walk halfway around our loop, go through the walkway and there it is! Afterwards we came back home and they went out in the backyard to play. The neighbors were out in their yard too, they have two litte girls, one is Jayde's age and will be in 1st grade next year as well. I'm not sure how old the other one is...I think she is between Jaxon and Ryann. So they all climbed up on the fence and talked to eachother for a while. Then Jayde asked if they could come over here and we told them they could so they came over and played with the girls for a while. So they were all pretty excited about making their first new friends and having someone come over.

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