Sunday, June 1, 2008

Paint, paint...

go away, come again some other day! That's about sums about my day! I spent it finishing up all of the touch-up in the kids rooms. I also got Ryann's stripe painted. I need to go to the craft store and see if I can find a big pawprint stamp of sometime to use in Jaxon's room since he wants blue's clues. But the rooms and the house are starting to come along. Now that the rooms are done being painted (pretty much) we are starting to move their stuff in their. Doogie and Jayde have their beds put together and they have a few other things in their now as well. Still haven't really broken into the boxes yet, but that will start to happen soon. I need to remember to bring my camera down to the house and take some's quite the mess right now. I should of taken some before and after pics so you could of seen what it looked like before the renovation. But Doug was already tearing things apart and putting things together by the time I thought of that! I'll just have to describe what it looked like before and than show you the after pictures.

My wrist is still pretty sore. It's not too bad when I where the brace but with all the painting I've been doing the past couple days is feeling sore even with the brace on. Thank goodness I'm almost done painting. I figure my wrist isn't going to get much rest until we are all done with our move. Once we are unpacked and settled I will work on resting my wrist and getting it healed! When I don't have my brace on and I move my wrist around I can feel it creaking!

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