Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The unpacking continues...

It still feels like there is not an end in sight! Everywhere I look there are boxes and as soon as I get one done there is another to take it's place! But on the bright side, atleast when it is all done I won't have to worry about unpacking boxes for a long time (I don't think we are planning on doing anymore moving for a while!) It's starting to look like a home, though it seems like whenever I get it half way cleaned up, more boxes get opened or the kids drag more stuff out! That's pretty much par for the course though. I think they are all having a great time in the new house though and having their own space. I think the bickering has gone down, now that they are able to retreat to their own space when they need too. Most of the time the older kids play downstairs and the two little guys stay up here with me.

Anyways, nothing super exciting happening except for the unpacking. I'll be sooo glad when that is done! Think we might take a break though and go swimming this afternoon. We've been cooped up in the house lately with all the unpacking I've been trying to get done so it will be good for all of us!

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