Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have a cold...

Why? Why can't we just stay healthy for even just a little while?! As of now the kids seem to be fine (CJ's been a bit grouchy the past couple we'll have to keep an eye on him). So I am hoping that I get over this crud quickly, because frankly I am so tired of being sick and I don't have time for it! It's hard enough to get my house clean and do all the other day to day things that need to get done between dropping and picking kids up from school and then chasing them around the house. Not to mention that CJ climbs on everything so every time I turn around to do something he is pulling something out to climb on, so he makes life interesting.

So lets see what else has been going on... Jaxon had an awesome day at school yesterday! He had no problem at all with me leaving him, I told him that I had to go and that he was going to stay here and play with all of his friends and that I would be back later to pick him up. He said "okay" and gave me a hug and kiss goodbye. When I went to pick him up he didn't seem me for a while and he was just standing there watching all the other kids greet their parents, he looked a little lost but when I finally was able to get his attention (his teacher helped) he was so happy to see me and gave me a big hug. Jaxon gets done before Ryann does and the parents are supposed to be there by 11:05 and waiting on the red carpet for the kids to come in (they are in one of the other rooms doing an activity) and once the kids all find their parents we all sit together and listen to the teacher read a story. All the preschool classes end with a story, but the 2/3 class is the only one where the parents are expected to be there for it! But they both seem to be really enjoying preschool so it makes it alot easier to drop them off that way! It must be birthday month in Ryann's seems like they are celebrating someone's birthday almost everyday! The parents have been really good about asking me if it is okay for Ryann to have a certain treat (and I always say yes, since we don't want her to feel like she is being left out of things...I figure I can always give her extra insulin at lunch to cover her if she is high). In fact on Monday one of the mom's made jello jigglers for the birthday treat (she had asked me last week if it was okay for Ryann to have) and she made Ryann a very special one just for her (sugar-free) so I thought that was really nice and it's great how thoughtful people are.

Doogie and Jayde seem to be enjoying school in their new school this year as well. Though Doogie did come home a bit upset yesterday, something had happened in music class and he wasn't very happy with some of the kids in his group. But for the most part it's been going really well. In fact Jayde has a playdate with one of the little boys in her class this weekend (the other kids are invited to come too). They basically live across the street from us in the apartment building. So they should have a fun time and it's nice to find friends for them to play with that are close by.

Well I better get going, Doug will be home soon to take Ryann to Spokane for her doctor's appointment and I need to get some stuff put together to keep her entertained in the car. Oh and I did do a photo shoot of Ryann this week for her 4 year pictures (finally). Didn't get as many pictures as I would of liked she was being such a wiggle worm. So I will probably do another photo shoot of her as well (like I still need to do for CJ...and Doogie). But I will post some of the ones that turned out pretty decent later (maybe today if your lucky!) I need to work on getting some of Doogie soon too, but I'm waiting on him to get a haircut first and for some reason it just never seems to get fit into our schedule.

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