Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back in the ER again...

Sung to "Back in the saddle again"... Seriously though it was a little scary especially after one of the nurses told us what could of happened.

Poor Jaxon caught my cold, except he had to take it a step further than me! Last night he was up just coughing his little head off and was really croupy sounding. So we were up alot last night with him, sitting in the bathroom with the shower running, etc...just trying to open up his airways a bit. Than today he was just really lethargic and his breathing was really shallow. I was really starting to get worried about his breathing since it looked like something the doctor had described to me one time when CJ was sick, he was having retraction. So around dinner time we finally decided that this wasn't getting any better and we definitely didn't want to deal with this over night. So Grammy came over and watched the kids for us (a huge thanks to her!) and we headed over to the ER where they got us in really quickly (I don't think we've ever been moved in that fast before!) He was immediately given breathing treatments, they put an IV in, they took x-rays and they started him on an antibiotic. Then they informed us that they would be admitting us. Basically they say that we can't go home until he can go without oxygen for a whole day and the peds doctor said that if he was a betting man that we probably wouldn't be going home for around 4 days!

Now the thing that was really scary (not that it isn't anyways...) but the nurse told us that kids are alot different than adults and that they will work really hard to breathe and than all of sudden they will just stop with no warning and pretty much crash. And she said usually when that happens it is really hard to get them to come back. So if we hadn't taken him to the ER when we did we could of lost him. And that is a feeling that I can not describe to you, nor do I ever want to have happen. So when we brought him in he was barely pushing any air around in his lungs and he was working so hard to do even that much. By the time they got us up to a room he was doing alot better, but is still having to work. One of the drugs they gave him really hyped him up and he was starting to get more active and talkative. He was really cracking us up, he was watching the IV monitor and it had words going across the screen, they would dissapear for a while and than come back on. Every time they dissapeared he would say (through his oxygen mask) "where did it go?" than when it would come back on again he would say "there it is!" He just sounded so cute in that little (and hoarse) voice. And the fact that he was even talking just showed how much better he felt. Before he could barely say one word with out gasping for breath.

So, Doug is staying with him tonight (I finally got home around 10). And than remembered that there is school tomorrow. So I've been rushing around all evening getting lunches made and clothes laid out and what not. Then tomorrow after I get all the kids dropped off at school and drop the baby off with one of the grandparents I will head over to the hospital and relieve him. Then we'll just have to go from there. So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and pray that he will recover quickly so that we can bring him home.

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