Thursday, October 2, 2008

October, already??

Is it just me or has this year really flown by? Fall is finally here, I love the crisp fresh smells of fall. Jayde asked me this morning if I knew what her favorite part of fall was. After making a few guesses she finally told me that is was jumping in the leaves! And you know what, that is one of my favorite things too! October also brings Halloween and the kids are really excited about that as well. This year the girls are going as fairies (Jayde of course will be a purple one and Ryann, yep you guessed!), Jaxon is going to go as Blue again and CJ will be Sprinkles (Blue's baby brother...thought that was perfect!). Doogie was a little bit more difficult to pin down. He really wanted to go as a "lizard shaman" (it's one of the characters from the video game he really likes to play), but Grammy just wasn't able to figure out how to make that for him. So I finally got him to drop that idea and he has decided to go as Luke Skywalker. So I am looking forward to seeing them all in their costumes this year and getting some (hopefully) great pictures!

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