Monday, October 6, 2008

These are the reasons....

I became a parent. I love it when they all get along and play nicely with eachother. Today was one of those days...there was hardly any fighting (there's always some, but with 5 kids you come to expect some)! I really enjoy watching them play together, share their toys and other belongings and just being kind to one another. Doogie was excited about a new book I had found for him about Dragons (yes, he is still really into dragons and I sincerely doubt he will out grow it!)and he was looking through the book and sharing tibits with his sisters. Next thing I know they turned it into a game of where they were on "quests" or "missions" to go and save certain baby dragons and they would use the book as a reference. They were having so much fun with it, and it was fun to watch them interacting with eachother. So these are some of the moments I cherish, the times when they have fun with eachother and show eachother how much they really care. It's just heartwarming to see how much they really do love one another. My other moments are when they actually sit still long enough to cuddle or for no reason at all give me a hug/kiss and tell me they love me. These moments tell me I'm not a total failure as a mother/parent, that I do have 5 wonderful kids that have good hearts. Knowing this helps me to get through our rough days, when everything seems to be going wrong and everyone is grumpy (yes, including me! I know it's hard to believe...but yes I get pretty darn grumpy too...especially when I get my caffeine taken away!)

Anyways, though I just thought I would share one of our moments. And I also need to dust my poor camera off and take some more pictures for you all to see. I'm hoping to get to the pumpkin patch with the kids one of these days and get some pics. And Jayde has a field trip to the apple orchard coming up soon as well. Then of course there is Halloween! So I will try to get some fresh pictures up soon!

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