Thursday, October 9, 2008

I think I jinxed us...

On Tuesday at clean-up night at Ryann and Jaxon's preschool I told everyone that we were all healthy.... Well now everyone is starting to sniffle, myself included. I'm hoping that it is allergies since it was really windy Tuesday night, but I've been coughing a bit too and I heard some of the kids coughing as well. With all of my children having something unique about them (atleast the three youngest, health wise) I have to keep a close eye on them all. Ryann because of her when she gets sick her blood sugars go all over the place and it is a chore to keep them in her normal range. Jaxon, now that we know that he can have breathing problems when sick we will have to watch that closely and use the inhaler when needed. And of course CJ who we now know can have siezures when his temperature gets too high, so I have been frequently checking his forhead to see if he feels warm. Ahhh...the joys of being a parent! Though I guess I should be thankful that we were atleast all healthy for a week or so!

In other news, I've decided to start working on getting Jaxon potty trained. He has been showing interest for a while now and I've just been letting him tell me when he wants to sit on the potty with occasional talks about using the potty (usually when I'm in the process of changing his diaper). With all the running around it's been hard to really get on a regular schedule of reminding him to use the potty and what not. The last few times this week that Jaxon has asked me to use the potty it has been right after he has already gone (well except for one, I had just changed him and was talking about using the potty when he told me he wanted to go. So I got him down from the changing table and told him just a second let me throw away this that short amount of time while he was standing by the bathroom door waiting for me, he pee'd in his we were close there). So this afternoon when he told me he needed to go potty, I said okay and took him into the bathroom (he's diaper was pretty wet, so I assumed he had already gone) I put him on the potty and than went to throw away his diaper, when I came back in he was really concentrating and looking down at the potty and next thing I knew we started hearing that very distinct sound of "tinkling"! He got a huge grin on his face and I immediately started cheering him on and praising him. Ryann even came running in to see what was happening and started to congratulate him and tell him that he was a big boy now. So, we will see what happens next! Hopefully he will keep recognizing in time that he needs to go and let me know and I also need to do a better job at reminding him to use the potty! But it would really be nice to get one more child out of diapers and only be down to one (not to mention or check book would appreciate it!)

Hmmm...can't think of anything else exciting that has happened. And I know I still haven't gotten up any new pictures yet, so I will work on that! Maybe tomorrow since the kids don't have school!

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