Friday, October 3, 2008

Step Out Walk to Fight Diabetes

Thanks again to everyone who supported as in this. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is still time to donate! The Step Out fund-raising website is open and still accepting contributions Ryann Crowe's Team Just click on one of our names and than click on the big red button that says sponser me and it will take you through the rest! The deadline is November 1st. Again thank you for your support! I know Ryann appreciates it too. One of my biggest hopes is that they find a cure for Diabetes in Ryann's life time. It's hard to have to poke your daughter's fingers numerous times and give her 4 shots a day. It about breaks my heart when Ryann tells me that she doesn't want to have Diabetes anymore, she's tired of being poked all the time. Diabetes has definitely changed our life and our way of thinking. I know for me when I hear about a child (or anyone for that matter) that is having some sort of health problem instead a pushing it aside for later or brushing it off/ignoring it I try to give whatever support I can. Because now instead of thinking that will never happen to me, I think how would I feel if this happened to my child, what would I like people to do to help. Because things can and do happen to you. So once again, thank you everyone for your support in any way that you give it!

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