Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun times on a Saturday...

I just had to share these pictures of my two little guys. It was just too darn cute! CJ had dumped all the legos out of his lego box and than preceded to drag the box out in the living room where he than climbed into it and sat down and played in the box. Jaxon who witnessed the event decided that that looked like alot of fun too, so he went running into his room where I than heard a crash (the sound of legos being dumped out) and next thing I knew he was back in the living room carrying his now empty box, set his down next to CJ and climbed in as well. Myself, watching all of this thought to myself "well that's just too darn cute, I need to grab my camera!" I didn't get the greatest pictures of them, they were having a blast wiggling all over the place! But I thought they were cute anyways!

Tomorrow we will be heading over to the pumpkin patch so I will be sure to bring my camera along and get a bunch of pictures. I will than try to get them up on the blog within the next couple days!

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