Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Off to a okay start...

Ryann actually did pretty well for our first real day back in the saddle! She only had a few accidents and the really good news was that she pooped in the potty!! 'Course I don't know if she would of gone in the potty to go if she hadn't been in the pool at the time! She knows that if she goes potty in the pool she won't be able to swim (pretty good motivator!) But she got out on her own saying she needed to go potty, and she went pee and poop! She was pretty happy with herself and was really loving all the praise she was getting from everyone. So we'll see how she does today. Just the fact that she told everyone she had to go potty and got out of the pool tells me that she can do this and that she does know when she has to go. She also sort of did that early that day too, I have been taking her in every hour to go potty and I would ask her a few times before I would take her in to see if she would tell me she had to go, so right before I was getting ready to take her in she told me "mommy I didn't pee..." so I took her into the bathroom and she was just a little bit wet. So she stopped herself from going and finished up in the potty, which I think is a good sign. So keep your fingers crossed for us that she is hopefully finally getting this potty thing! Jaxon didn't do much on the potty yesterday, though he did sit for me a few times. He would tell me he pee'd right after he did it in his diaper. So he is starting to recognize when he goes I just got to get him to catch himself before he does it!

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