Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun in the sun...

Finally got a chance to go out on the boat today. Doug has already been out on it a few times with Doogie and Jayde, but today Ryann and I got to go too. It was fun to go racing over the water. I even got the chance to learn how to drive the boat..don't think I'm going to get that chance again since I killed it! LOL! It took a while for Doug to get it started again. Even Doogie did a better job than I do! Ah well, I don't know if I wanted to have that responsibility anyway!

Ryann has been doing really well on the potty lately (course I still have to take her in and remind her...she's really not doing it by herself yet). But she only had one accident yesterday...and it was the dreaded #2! Today she had one accident as well, but she did go and poop in the potty for me. She seems to do better when we use something to motivate her, like being able to go out on the boat, go swimming, get a kitten, make a cake, etc... We've had to take things away from her (like going out on the boat, swimming, etc...) and that seems to motivate her for a while...but it's still a non-stop job trying to get her to go. It's been a week now, since she's been just wearing underwear...I"m just hoping something clicks for her soon!

I need to get some pictures up for everyone...I got some really cute ones of the kids on the 4th. I just need to get on the other computer to do that. So maybe tomorrow I can get that done. The kids are all just growing up so fast, Jaxon looks like a little boy in his new haircut and C.J. is going to be 1 next Monday! I just want to tell them all to just slow down (in more ways than 1)!

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