Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some pictures for you to enjoy...

For some reason my slide show doesn't want to show up...they keep saying I'm giving them the wrong password, but I know it's right! here is the link if you want to see it. I will continue to try and get it up on the blog for you to see here as well!

Otherwise, I was feeling better this morning so since Ryann and Jaxon had one of their preschool playdates planned for the day I decided to try and get them to it. They had alot of fun and I actually felt fine the whole time there. I basically just hanged out talking with the other mom's and watched the kids play. It wasn't until we got back home that it just hit me again and now I'm feeling crummy. Poor Ryann's blood sugar dropped a ton while we were at the park playing. I had to give her 3 juice boxes before she started acting like her old self again. Then when we got back home she started having it doesn't look like we are out of the woods yet with this stomach stuff.

Anyways, I better get going...I am being booted off the computer by Ryann who wants to play a game on the computer! LOL!

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