Thursday, July 10, 2008

We are pet owners again...

As a reward for Ryann who has gone another day without having an accident, I told her we would go and get Balder (our dog) and Mikey (our cat). They have been living with my parents, Balder since we moved to TN and Mikey since we got back from NJ. We are glad to have them back and I think they are happy to be back with us too. I think Balder is in 7th heaven being with the kids all the time, he pretty much just hangs out with us wherever we are (just have to watch out for that lethal tail of his)! Mikey is enjoying being head of the house again with no other cats to compete with, he's been rubbing up against everyone so happy to see them! I'll have to get some pictures of them with the kids.

So Ryann has made it another full day in a row with no accidents. I just hope she starts going in to go on her own soon. Atleast she is getting better at holding it until I remind her to go in I guess. I bought Jaxon some big boy underwear (in Elmo, one of his other favorites...after Blue's Clues of course!) I was going to let him start wearing them too, since he really doesn't like to be wet. But I decided to hold of on it until Ryann was regular at going on her own. Once she is going on her own, I will turn my full attention to his potty training!

Otherwise nothing really exciting happening. We went over to Grammy's and Papa's house last night to go swimming. The kids love to swim and it really helps to wear them out, I think they all slept pretty good last night! After we got all the kids down to bed last night, I took Balder out for a walk. I think I might have to make that part of our nightly ritual. It was nice to be able to get out on my own for a little bit and just to unwind.

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