Friday, July 11, 2008

Not much happening today. Doug went into work for a little bit even though today is his day off. So we are all just hanging out. Not sure what we are going to do today...probably more unpacking! It is a beautiful day out so maybe we can do some fun outside things or go swimming. Our neighborhood park that is just down the street from us got burned down before the 4th. They think that it was caused by fireworks. But the only thing still there are the swings. So I really can't take them over there because they wouldn't have anything to play on, though there is plenty of room just to run.

Balder was doing his part last night as guard dog. Doug had gone running last night and when he got back the two little guys were already in bed asleep and the three oldest and I were watching a movie downstairs and Balder was with us. He was sleeping behind the couch when Doug walked in the door. Boy did he pop up and start growling and barking at Doug! Doug had to come down the stairs and talk to him (it was dark in the room and Doug was wearing a hat) before he realized it was Doug and started wagging his tall and acting all apologetic! But it's good to know that he is looking out for us!

I didn't get to take my walk last night (the one I want to start doing nightly with Balder) because yesterday evening Balder slipped on the wood floor and hurt his leg and he is still limping around today. You forget how old he is starting to get until something like this happens. He had also spent alot of the day outside playing with the kids and playing fetch and that wears him out too. So all he pretty much wants to do today lay down and sleep. So we'll just have to keep an eye on him and watch that leg and let him get the rest he needs.

I'm going to have to get Doug to get a door on our pantry (it got taken off in the remodel and since the door needed to be replaced anyways, we just left it off). But Jaxon has been getting into everything in it. I turn around and he has pushed a chair up to it and just starts helping himself to crackers, cookies, etc... and he's been unrollling my tin foil! He's just too darn smart for his own good!

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