Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not a good weekend...

Saturday we headed for the river to go boating with one of Doug's really good friend's. It was Doug, Doogie, Jayde, Ryann, Jaxon and Me (of course) and than Doug's friend, his daughter and her boyfriend and friend. Doug's friend was ahead of us in his boat and we were following along behind them. They had been talking on the walkie talkie and Doug's friend said lets go out farther on the river before we start skiing. So Doug thought we would be going for a while still, I made a comment to him and than turned around (Doogie, Jaxon and I were in the front of the boat and the girls were in the back) to tell the girls to make sure they were sitting down on their bottoms. Doug turned his head to look at them as well and than when we turned around we saw that we were right on top of our friends! Doug turned the wheel as hard as he could to try and avoid them and we ended up skipping off the back/left side of them. I could see the look on their faces as we went over them and than I remember turning around and looking at them and seeing blood on Doug's friend's daughter's head. And I remember saying to Doug "Oh my God we hit her with the boat!" Doug's friend had turned around to look at everyone after we hit and asked them is everyone okay...they all answered yes until she lifted her head up and he told her no you aren't! So they whipped their boat around and headed quickly back to shore with us following. We were extremely lucky that none of us were hurt as well, Ryann had gotten thrown down to the ground but she was okay. When we got to shore he asked us if we were okay and I said we were and he said that she had a pretty good size gash on her head. Even seeing blood from our boat after the accident and hearing him say she had a gash didn't prepare me for actually seeing it! It was a nasty jagged gash on the left side of her forhead! I grabbed the car keys from Doug and went running to the car to get the first aid kit (note to self make sure one is in the boat from now on!) We got ice on her head and got her out of the boat and into the truck and then helped them get the boat loaded so they could head to the hospital. It took us a bit longer to get ready since we had to wait in line (right after they left about 3 cars showed up to launch their boats). When we finally got loaded up we took the boat home first got something for the kids to eat and then headed over to the ER to see how they were doing. They had called a plastic surgeon in (which was something Doug and I had talked about on the drive home) and they were just waiting. We had been trying to figure out what part of our boat had hit her and thinking that she's gotta be in a lot of pain if the boat hit her! But what we figured out happened was when our boat hit theirs we shattered their plexi glass window and that flew back and cut her. We are just so thankful that it didn't hit her anywhere else (like her neck, her eyes, etc..) So she ended up getting a ton of stitches but is doing well (she also has a pretty good lump on her head). The doctor said best case scenario is that she'll have a faint white line on her head for a scar. So anyways, yesterday instead of having a fun time out on the water it turned into a nightmare. It was a good reminder about how you always have to be aware of what is going on around you when you are on the water (or even in your car). Of course Doug and I just feel horrible and Doug has been going through in his head all the things he should of done differently. And I know Doug's friend has been doing the same, he said that he shouldn't of just stopped the boat like that knowing that we were behind him and we said well we shouldn't of been following that close. But all in all what it was was just a horrible accident that we are extremely lucky that things weren't even worse. I started thinking what if one of our kids had been hurt, thrown out of the boat or something someone was really watching out for us. And the damage to the boats was actually not as bad as it could of been. Ours has a 6 inch gash on the bottom but luckily it isnt' too deep and than we have some scraps on the side, but nothing too major. Their boat had one of the hooks ripped off and the plexi glass window was broken (obviously) and there was a dent in the back where we hit and the cover for the motor is cracked a little. But like I said before...we were all very lucky. In fact the exact thing had almost happened earlier where he stopped the boat in front of us, but Doug had been looking forward and was watching and was able to cut our engine and just coast in behind them. And then they almost ran into us earlier when our engine had died and we were trying to get it started again and were drifting close to them so we pushed off of their boat and than they gunned the engine and took off missing us just by inches. So I guess we were just an accident waiting to happen but we weren't being as careful as we should...I think we were just all excited about being out on the boats and waterskiing for the first time this summer. Doogie was pretty bummed that we didn't get to ski and kept asking why aren't we skiing! So anyways...that's our story for Saturday.

Today after we finally got everyone dressed and ready to go we were going to head to the store and run a few errands. We hadn't gotten too far down the street when C.J. started throwing up everywhere (my mother-in-law was throwing up yesterday) so we turned back around and went back home and got him cleaned up and Doug got his carseat out and cleaned that. Poor guy must of been exhausted from his ordeal because he ended up crashing and slept for a few hours. He's been acting like he feels fine now though, so hopefully it was just one of those throw up once and get over it type things. I just hope nobody else starts throwing up!

Then Doogie informed me (he was outside in the backyard playing) that the neighbor girls aren't allowed to come over to our house anymore to play since the oldest one got hurt over here. They had been outside in the back playing and Ryann had gotten her with a stick and she had a scrap on her neck from it. I cleaned it up and put neosporin and bandaid on it for her and she was just fine. So Doogie was asking me if I was going to go over and ask him why she couldn't come over...I said no, I said his kids are going to have a boring summer if he pulls them away from a friend anytime they get hurt. The bottom line being kids get can't keep them in a plastic bubble. I know there have been times when another kid has hurt mine, but I dont' keep them from playing with eachother (unless the kid is hurting mine on purpose and continues to do so). But Doug said maybe it is a blessing in disguise...since these girls just show up out of no where and just walk in unannounced (especially when no one is home!) I'll just have to call their other friends up more often and get them out on more playdates that way. I feel bad for the neighbor girls because they want to come over and play but their dad won't let them. Ahh well, what can you do, right? There going to have a sad and lonely life if their Dad keeps taking them away from friends whenever they get hurt. And who knows...maybe in time he will change his mind and realize that things like this do happen.

So anyways as you can "see" or read...this hasn't been the greatest weekend! I hope the rest of the week goes alot better.

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