Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a fun morning!

We got up and going quickly this morning and as soon as everyone was fed, showered and dressed we headed over to the park. Ryann's preschool has organized some park days for all the kids and families that go there. So Ryann got to go and see her teacher from last year since she was there today. There wasn't anyone there from her class this time, but I did see alot of familiar faces and the kids had a great time. Alot of the little ones have older siblings that are close in age to Doogie and Jayde so they had someone to play with as well. The summer Trainee's from the church were also there today and they played games and read books with the kids along with just running around with them at the park. It was really nice having all those extra hands, since everyone helps out. We are definitely going to have to try and make it to some of these other park days, we'll have to miss the next one coming up because Jayde has speech that morning...but we should be able to make it to most of the other ones, as long as I get my rear in gear in the morning and get everyone ready in time!

Afterwards, we stopped by and had lunch at Burger King for a special treat. And the whole way in the car the kids were just bubbling with all the fun they had. Ryann even stayed dry the whole time at the park and also used the potty while we were there...unfortunately as soon as we got home she had an accident which breaks our three day potty streak. *sigh* Ah well, what can you do, right? I know she can do it, it's just trying to find something that is going to motivate her to want to do it all the time...not just when she wants to do something. I told her if she had an accident while we were at the park then we would have to go home...and what do you know, she stayed dry and used the potty while we were there. I also won't let her go outside or downstairs to play until she goes potty first, so she has gotten to the point where she'll just go in and go and then come out and tell me that she went potty and ask if she can go outside or downstairs now. So I know she can do this!!

I did have my camera at the park, but unfortunately I was so busy chasing and keeping track of kids that I wasn't able to get any pictures...*bummed* But I do have a ton of pictures on the camera that I need to download so I will try to get that done this afternoon while the little guys are napping!

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