Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy (Late) 4th of July!!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July. We spent the first part of the day unpacking and trying to get stuff put away. Then we headed over to Grammy and Papa's and went swimming and BBQ. Later that evening we went out and watched the neighbors set off some fireworks. The kids had alot of fun watching all of them, Jaxon wasn't too sure about them at first (he is my cautious one), but soon he was feeling more comfortable (of course he was sitting in my lap) and starting to really enjoy them. The kids were pretty bummed when we finally dragged them home around 10:00!

Ryann's been doing pretty good on the potty the past couple days. On Thursday I thought she was going to make it all the way through the day without an accident but then at 7:30 that night (and again at 8:00) she wet her pants. *sigh* Yesterday she only had one accident and she pooped in the potty for me. She didn't exactly tell me she needed to go, she just said "mommy I didn't poop my pants" so I of course went and checked her and then took her in to go potty. Jaxon's more hit and miss still, and I admit I'm not really pushing him just yet (concentrating more on Ryann at the moment) but he has gone for me a few times. He usually tells me he pee'd right after he does it.

Anyways, think our day is going to consist of more unpacking, a trip to the grocery store and we are thinking about taking the boat out for a while. Doug took it out for a bit on Thursday and took Doogie with him, he had a great time.

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