Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray

She stayed dry all day!! Yay! Ryann made it all the way through yesterday with no accidents. She's still not going in on her own (though last night at bedtime she came and told us she needed to go potty...but that could also be because she was stalling on going to bed! But hey, whatever works!) She isn't fighting me as much though, now when I tell her to go in and use the potty she is alot better at just getting up and going. So hopefully this trend will continue! She told me yesterday when she went in to go that she really wanted that kitty! I don't think I've mentioned getting a kitty to her for a while, so I think she is starting to think about things she's missing out on. I've been letting her go downstairs and outside with Doogie and Jayde as long as she stays dry and so far she is. Yesterday when she went downstairs with Doogie, Doogie was looking out for her and I could hear him asking her if she needed to go potty. He even made her go in a go at one time, which she did. So it's nice that they are helping and encouraging her to go!

Poor C.J. has already started the morning off with a bruise right in the middle of his eyebrows! He was trying to push the toy bus along on the floor and it flipped up and nailed him in the head! Poor little guy, he got over it pretty quickly though...but he does that with most things. He is definitely a tough little guy, probably comes from being the 5th kid on the totem pole!

Otherwise, everyone is still in bed this morning...except for Doogie. I'm not sure how long he has been up, when Doug got up at 6ish to get ready for work he was already up and playing his playstation! I limit him on how long he plays that everyday otherwise he would play it non-stop!

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