Thursday, July 24, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Well lets see if I can get everyone up to date on what's been happening the past couple days.... On Tuesday Balder had a bit of a playdate. I looked out the window and saw a young german shepard in our front yard. So I went out to see if I could get her to come to me and find out who she belonged too. She was a real sweatheart and came running right to me, she didn't have a tag that gave me a name or number but she was chipped so I called that number. Unfortunately they didn't have the owners name on file, just the human's society but when I tried calling them they weren't open until noon and it was 9:00 in the morning. So I put her in the backyard (keeping Balder in the house) while I figured out what to do. Well Ryann decided that Balder wanted to go out too (he was barking at the back door at the new dog) so she let him out! I went racing out there since I didn't want to have a dog fight on my hands...but they hit it off and were soon romping with eachother around the yard. I think he over did it though (he's not as young as he used to be...and he's been really limping around since). Anyways, I finally took a look at her other tags and noticed one from the vet clinic, so I called them up told them my situation and gave them the number on the tag. They were able to look it up and find out who she belonged too. So I gave them my name and number and they gave the owner a call and passed on my info to them. They called me a few minutes later and it seemed that they hadn't even known she was missing yet and they actually just live a couple houses down from us.

Yesterday Jayde had her first day of speech (she gets 6 sessions total for the summer). She was so excited to go and see her speech teacher, she has really been missing her and her speech teacher was just as excited to see her. It was nice for me to be able to see the things they worked on and how they did things so that I can help her better with her speech at home. Tommorrow Doug will take her in since he has that day off and he can see how it is done as well.

Hmmm...what else has been happening... I saw a shooting star last night! It was pretty cool. I had taken Balder outside to go potty before going to bed myself and just happened to look up at the sky at just the right moment. That's the first shooting star I have ever seen!

Nothing else super exciting happening. We have gymnastics tonight and I have to remember to get the kids to it. We have missed the past month because things have just been so crazy and we have just forgotten all about it! But it is so good for the kids and they have such a great time that I hate to have them miss it!

Oh and we would like to wish AUNT JENNI a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you have a wonderful day and are looking forward to seeing you soon!! :)

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