Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to my BABY!!

Wow! Can't believe my little guy is ONE today! Doesn't seem like a whole year has gone by already....where does the time go?? He is getting so big, and boy does he have a temper when he doesn't get what he wants! LOL! He is walking more and more, I think he walks more than he crawls now. He is a very very busy guy and hardly ever stays still in one place for long....he is my busiest baby by far! He is usually a pretty happy little guy and as you can see from his pictures that he loves to eat! He also loves his big dog Balder and his cat Mikey. He is always climbing all over Balder and will even use him as a step stool to get up on the couch with! Balder being an absolutely wonderful kids dog just lies there and takes it! He loves his big brothers and sisters and they do a great job keeping him entertained for me when I'm trying to get something done! I think he is going to be a little rough neck since he loves to wrestle around with them and for the most part they are pretty gentle with him. In fact just a little while ago I was watching him interact with Jaxon, Jaxon was playing with a bag (or purse) and putting things in it, he than puts it on his arm looks up at C.J. who was standing there watching him points and says "this way, lets go baby!" Than he gets up and heads for their bedroom with C.J. toddling along behind him. I can hear all three of them in their playing together (Ryann, Jaxon and C.J.) and Balder just walked by to look in and keep a watchful eye on them all. So Happy Birthday Baby, we love you soo much!

Doug took out another tree this weekend and boy was it a doozy! We had this huge pine tree that was planted right next to our house on the corner. So Doug spent all day Saturday trying to pull it out, since he wanted to pull it out by it's roots so we wouldn't have to worry about getting the stump out. So after a full day of cutting, digging and pulling it fell. Not exactly in the place he wanted it too either! We were pretty lucky that it didn't fall on our house, in fact it did get the gutters a bit. I was inside with the kids when I heard the big crash, I opened up the door to see a pine tree blocking my view! So Yesterday Doug was back out there working on cutting it all up and getting it moved into the backyard where we have quite a nice pile of branches going.

We are down to four kids until Tuesday. Doogie is with Grammy and Papa visiting with More Papa and Nana and also Aunt Jenni. I'm sure he is having a great time and it is nice that he is getting some one on one time with everyone. He doesn't get that opportunity very often being the oldest of five kids! And I must say the house is quieter without him. I do miss him though even if it is only a couple days, I have to keep stopping myself from calling him to eat and setting a place for him at the table!

Anyways, though I better get moving and finish feeding these guys breakfast and getting them dressed for the day. I also need to call the doctor's office and make an appointment for C.J.'s year check up and also talk to those referral people. Our doctor gave us a referral months ago for an ENT for the kids (Jayde, Ryann and Jaxon) for their tubes and we still haven't heard anything from them. And it looks like Jayde might have an infection in one of her ears and I think one of her tubes is starting to come out. So we need to get her in to see someone soon.

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