Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Was not a good potty day. After a reasonably good start on Monday, Tuesday was a bit a disapointment. Not only did she have more accidents yesterday, but she also pooped in her pants. In an attempt to try to get her to realize what she is going to be missing out on, I have started taking away some privleges...for starters (since she pee'd her pants outside..right after I asked her if she had to go) she doesn't get to go outside with Doogie and Jayde (the big kids) by herself anymore...she can go out if Doug or I are out there with her. I told her if she can't go in the potty like a big girl I wasn't going to let her do big girl things. Second (since she pee'd her pants downstairs...again right after I asked her if she had to go) she doesn't get to go downstairs unless Doug and I are with her. She definitely wasn't to happy with that this morning when she wanted to go downstairs and play with Doogie and Jayde! I hate to be the bad guy, but I'm hoping she'll start to get the picture and go in and use the potty when she has to go. I know she can do it (the fact that she got out of the pool to go potty tells me that!)

Otherwise, we are just trying to escape the heat! It has been pretty darn hot over here this week. C.J. is starting to walk a bunch more, he still does most of his traveling by crawling, but he has been taking a lot more steps when he does walk. I need to upload some more pictures I see! I just downloaded some off the camera yesterday but they are on the other computer. So I will try to get some pictures up later!

I can't believe it is July already and the 4th will be here in a couple days! Not sure what we are doing yet. C.J. is going to be the big 1 in a couple weeks! Where does the time go? It just doesn't feel like he should be one already! This year has really flown by and we definitely have gone through alot of changes. But change can be a good thing, and I think it has helped our family grow stronger together.

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