Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We are getting hit by...

A stomach bug! Yuck! So I mentioned that C.J. threw up on Sunday, which was than followed by diarhea (sorry if too much information!) Than yesterday Jaxon threw up all over me and later that night Ryann started throwing up. We were up until well past midnight with Ryann, not only did we accidentally overdose her, so her blood sugar was low because of that, but than her throwing up just made it worse since whatever we got down her to bring her blood sugar up would get thrown back up. So it was a long night and than C.J. ended up getting up around 1:30, I put him in bed with me, but he spent the whole night just tossing and turning which means I got hardly any sleep. On top of all that I think I might be coming down with all of this too, so I'm just worn out and would like nothing better than to take a nice long nap! C.J. has been a total grouch this morning and was pretty much screaming his head off most of the morning unless I was holding him, which unfortunately I couldn't do since I was trying to get everyone dressed and ready since Jayde had her last day of speech today. After spending the morning though (when I was gone with Jayde with speech) with Grammy though he is acting like he is feeling a lot better! But now it must be Jaxon's turn to be grouchy and I've already had to sit him in timeout twice since I've been home for taking out his grumpiness on his baby brother and sisters! So I've just got one thing to say..."is it bedtime yet?"

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