Thursday, July 3, 2008

Boy am I tired...but I've been really lagging lately. I think it's my allergies kicking into high gear. I've been having the worst headaches lately and yesterday my feet just started to hurt and ache. Doug says I should drink more water, that I'm getting dehydrated...but I hate to drink plain water! So I told him I would drink crystal light...pretty much the same thing since it is sugar free!

Right now I'm laughing at my two little boys who are chowing down on donuts. Doug had to run to the store this morning before he went to work because we were all out of milk (and a few other things, but milk is one of the biggies) and he picked up some donuts for breakfast for everyone to help make my morning a bit easier. They all do love their donuts and it is such a treat for them when they get to have them.

Yesterday was a much better potty day for Ryann than the day before...still not as good as Monday though. She had around 4-5 accidents...though the good news is that she went in and pooped in the potty without me even having to tell her! It was right after she had her first accident (and she didn't have an accident until the she stayed dry all morning), I told her that she wasn't going to get to go downstairs and finish watching the movie since she pee'd her pants down there (I had given her a second chance, since she used the potty for me right before she went down). So she must of really wanted me to give her another chance because next thing I knew she came over to me and told me she pooped in the potty (definitely proof that she can do this!!). So I went to check and sure enough she had, so I gave her lots and lots of praise and she was pretty happy with herself. If only I can get her to realize how much more easier this will be on her if she just tries... I even enlisted the help of her older siblings, I told them to encourage and remind her to go and use the potty while they are playing. And they have tried to help out and get her to use the potty as well. Because we can't get the kitten until Ryann uses the potty all the time (that is our big reward for her).

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