Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I see I need to get some more pictures up, I will work on doing that sometime this week. Got some cute pictures of the kids on the camera, just need to download them. Once I do, I will try to get some uploaded on the blog for all to see.

Nothing super exciting happening. Doogie got home safe and sound yesterday afternoon from his trip with Grammy and Papa, I think he had a good time. His Aunt Jenni emailed me some great pictures she took of him this weekend while he was there visiting so I will try to get some of those up as well. Jayde was a little ticked when she saw them because she had wanted to go as well, so we told her maybe next time.

Balder has been making his rounds with the kids. Every night he sleeps in a different room. Last night it was Doogie's turn, the night before it was Jayde's and than before that it was Ryann's. I think he likes sleeping in Jayde's room the best though, he likes the fact that he can sleep in Jayde's bed with her and be all comfortable (Jayde has a queen bed right now, though we are going to put bunk beds in there soon and that is what the other two have). I did notice that he wasn't hobbling around as much the next morning after he had slept with Jayde.

Our biggest excitement for the day yesterday was the girls discovering a preying mantis. I got some pictures of them holding it...or it climbing all over them! It raced right up Ryann's arm and was sitting on top of her head! I think the best picture I got though was of Jayde with it on her hand...the look on her face is just hillarious! I think she thought it was going to jump off her hand and land on her face!

Right now they are all out in the backyard (with the exception of the baby of course...he is standing at the backdoor watching them). I had just drained the wading pool, since I think the kids broke it yesterday by filling it too high with water and the sides weren't staying up anymore (so a new wading pool is on my shopping list) so now there is a muddy mess in the backyard, I warned them to stay out of the mud...but we'll see if that happens. I have a feeling atleast a couple kids will be coming to the backdoor covered in mud!

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