Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nothing super exciting happening on the home front. Just still working on unpacking and what not.

C.J. is really starting to cruise alot more. He is learning the art of turning and he is doing quite well. He's also discovered how to clap this past couple of weeks and so he just love to sit and clap his hands now (as you can see from some of the pictures in the previous post)!

Ryann's potty training is still continuing full force. She had a couple accidents right in a row yesterday morning, but stayed dry and clean the rest of the day. She still really isn't telling me when she has to go though, it is still mainly me reminding her to go and taking her in there. On a topic off of the potty training though she really surprised me yesterday. She wanted to write a note to one of her school friends and give him our new address and phone number so that they can get together and play. So I wrote a letter for her and than asked her if she wanted to try to sign her name...which she did of course! So I give her the pen and help her by spelling her name out loud with her, and imagine my surprise when she wrote her own name out! We hadn't really been working on spelling with her yet, I mean she already knew how to spell her name out orally and I have written her name out for her numerous times...but we hadn't actually had her try to do it by herself. So anyways, I just had to brag about my smart little girl!

Doogie's new thing is to continuely nag me to call one of his friends to come over to play. We have called a couple times, but we seem to be playing phone tag. Half of the time he wants me to call, is really not an appropriate time to be calling someone (such as really early in the morning, around a meal time, or at night). So I've been trying to explain that there are right times to call people at! I'm sure we will hook up with his friend eventually, but of course being a 7 (almost 8 year old) everything seems to be a crisis!

Jayde is also wanting to call her friends over to play as well. Only problem is I lost some of the phone numbers! She's had a couple calls already from some friends and I meant to copy their phone numbers down off of the caller id so that she could call them back. But by the time I got around to doing that the numbers were gone! So I only have one number for one of her friends and I believe she has most of the other numbers we need, so we will have to call her this week and get together with her and also get some of the other phone numbers!

Jaxon is turning into such a little boy, and I think those two year old tantrums are really starting to come out! He's been throwing a few good ones the past couple of days. He is such a fun little boy though and he just really wants to do everything the big kids are doing. He is talking so good too, you can usually always understand what he is saying...though there are times both Doug and I are clueless to what he is trying to tell us, but that doesn't happen very often.

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