Friday, August 1, 2008

Grammy to the rescue!

We are still getting hit with this stomach bug. It came back around today and hit us hard. I woke up feeling pretty crappy and it probably didn't help that I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. I was up until past 12:30 with C.J., than Jayde was up at 4:30 (something about having a bad dream or being afraid of something), C.J. was then back up at 5:30 and Jaxon was up at 6:30. So it was a long night and I think tonight is going to be another long one!

Ryann woke up this morning covered in crud, she had diarhea and her diaper had that wasn't fun to clean up. Then as soon as I had gotten her cleaned up Jaxon did the same thing! When I finally got everyone cleaned up and settled I was going to run and grab a quick shower before the next crisis hit...and that is when Doogie started yelling for me saying Jaxon was throwing up....yep, sure enough! And of course he had to do it on the I was pulling out the carpet shampooer and doing some cleaning.

I called Doug to see if he could come home, but he couldn't...he had something he had to get done first. So it was Grammy to the rescue, she braved it to come over and help all of us sicko's out even though she had just gotten over this nasty crud herself and brought some 7-up with her! And I don't know what I would of done without her would of definitely been alot more chaotic than it was! Poor Jaxon was just feeling so crummy and his poor bottom is just so raw that he can't stand you to even touch it (which makes for interesting diaper changes) he's just been screaming bloody murder and wanted me to hold him the whole time. C.J. was pretty happy to have Grammy there to hold him and play with him, especially since I couldn't really do much for him because of Jaxon. Which is probably why he is being a mad hatter now that she is gone!

Doogie and Jayde were complaining a little at first about having a yucky tummy but they seem to be feeling fine now. So knock on wood that we are getting over the worst of this stuff and hopefull y on the mend. Jayde was so funny when I told her that Grammy was going to come over and help...she said that she really liked it that Grammy didn't have to do daycare anymore! I said well she just has the summer off and than when school starts again she has to start watching daycare kids again. Jayde was so bummed...I think they have really enjoyed having their Grammy to themselves this summer without having to share her with a daycare kid!

So anyways, I'm on my own again for a bit while Doug is at the store getting a few things that we need to ride the storm. I'm hoping that everyone will settle down okay tonight but I'm pretty sure I'm just fooling myself with wishful thinking!

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